Latisse follow-up

I  tried the Latisse medication once. I applied it as directed: in an eyeliner-like way at the base of my lashes. Maybe a half hour later I had the sensation that I had done something to my lids… they felt tight. Jason came home and I said, “Do my eyes look funny?” He said, “Yeah, they look small and watery. Did you use that stuff?” And maybe it was my heightened paranoia about the side-effects (darkened lids:reversible, darkened iris: not reversible) I could swear that my lids looked tinged gray, and my cornea looked less white. Thoroughly freaked, and also forbidden by Jason to continue (“Your lashes are fine! You always look great!”, I have not used Latisse again. $120 down the toilet. However, I don’t discount the awesomeness that it could be for others. Just not for me! The photos below were taken a day later, as my eyelids were still puffy!!

The red arrows are pointing out the poofy redness that Latisse created. It is applied like an eyeliner. As you can see, that is precisely where there is swelling.



If you have read my past posts, you’ll remember my obsession with the perfect mascara. Which, really, means my obsession with the perfect lashes. When I was younger, I had dark thick lashes without any mascara….

Now, at 31, they are light, sparser, and not as amazing. I’m not sure why, but I have some theories. Lashes do get lighter and finer as you age. But I am not that old! Another reason would be my past anxiety disorder of trichtillomania starting late middle school, squashed around college… (if you do read that link, I would equate the level I experienced as an equivalent to nail biting, focused on my lashes and eyebrows. I stopped by force of will, brought on by a fear that I would look freakier and freakier).

Alas, I am going to try Latisse, a prescription medication known to some of you through advertisements and commercials with Claire Daines as their front woman.   Two drawbacks: 4% of the test population experienced darkening of the lid (reversible), and some experienced darkening of the iris (not reversible). I have light blue eyes. Rather terrifying. The packaging said this happened to those who got the medication IN their eye. I can only hope to not be that dumb.

In four weeks, at the end of my 1st month of supply, I will post the results so far. Check out more info on the LATISSE website.


LATISSE: Day 0 before medication.


Album Cover Shoot

I remember my senior portrait. I’m sure you remember yours too. Blue backdrop, awkward smile, anxiety and excitement about the great unknown future. It certainly wasn’t a photoshoot for my potential album cover and insert. What you can’t see in my senior portrait was all the ambitions I had, which I am lucky to be fulfilling every day. I love what I do, and I especially love when those around me are also making their dreams come true.

Here we have amazingly beautiful photographs of Maya Kurchner, a singer songwriter from Saratoga Springs. She is off to the Berklee College of Music in the fall in further pursuit of her goals. To her credit, she has completed an impressive album recorded, produced, and co-written, by Jason Brown of JBrown NOISE. Otherwise known as my boyfriend 😉 You can listen and download Maya’s music HERE. (One has gotten airtime on Fly 92!)

Her portraits were taken by my good friend Brooke of her own HUDSON PHOTO.  (How I wish these were my Senior Year portraits…. where was my hair and makeup artist and uber-talented photographer?) Brooke does breathtaking family photography also, but really, all of her photography is imbued with a heartbreaking and poetic capturing of  the large and small moments in life. Book her now, before she is booked solid and your puppies and children are already full grown!

And lest I forget to mention, Maya’s hair and makeup for the photoshoot are by ME. And if you haven’t seen my official website click HERE.

So, check out  these portraits and click on all the links to explore more images, songs, and projects!

Hudson Photo

Hudson Photo

Hudson Photo

I couldn't resist. Note the changes in generation. Maya: fully prepared for the future with an innate fashion sense, and armed with professional producers and photographers, and makeup and hair artists. Me: current for 1998, with my own interpretation of grunge/artsy/formal portrait wear, and thinking Art School, then Beauty School. Oh Brooke, Oh future me, wish you were there! 🙂


Carmen Dell’Orefice…

She’s 80 now. And stunning.

Carmen Dell'Orefici

I discovered her this morning, while peering over Jason’s shoulder while he read CNN. The article What is Beauty and Who has It? summarizes a show going on in LA that features beauty industry photography. Read it, and most especially browse the images.

Carmen looks wonderful, and even though she may have had some “help” in recent years, it’s not garish or cartoonish. The image above shows her a little more lined, and I love that, with her casual hair and star necklace. Celestial goddess…

Here are some more I found:

From a tumblr search....earlier career

A Richard Avedon shot

another goddess shot


This is Me,

Or, rather, if I had the height, and outfit, this kindred spirit would be me. I love the Sartorialist!

Me, the Milanese fantasy version.

Treats from Japan

I recently received a juicy gift of Japanese hair and fashion magazines from my Japanese friend Kahoru. We met in printmaking class at Plattsburgh, and have reconnected through Facebook. We got to talking about her own salon experiences in Japan. Japan is highly fashion conscious, very avant garde, and aesthetically inspired. I love it! Previously I’ve posted about the Harajuku fashion, known to the world at large through Gwen Stefani’s interpretation of the youth street fashion in Tokyo. The magazines bring a lot of what inspires me into one. Pattern, hair, makeup, colors, design, paper, drawings, shiny things, cultural perspective.

I’m going to take us one magazine at a time, with just a little taster today from VOGUE Japan.  The magazine is a larger format than our own print version. It also integrates a lot more textural and artistic elements in their layout. You can see echoes of Japan’s legendary print legacy, both paper and textiles. Also, especially in the example below, how their art finds its way into glorifying the art of fashion. Check this out!

The use of old European manuscripts to showcase the organic beauty of this jewelry makes me so happy! Would I find this is american vogue? I don't think so...

I love this whimsical illustration!


Hello my Lovelies!

Starting July 6th, I will be doing hair at SANCTUARY SALON.

It has been a rewarding year at the Epiphany of Hair Design, and I thank everyone there for helping me in my venture of independence. Many of you followed me from Classical Concepts, and now get to enjoy a return to the downtown Saratoga experience. I’ll still be an independent, renting my space from Sanctuary Salon.

How to book an appointment:

Call Sanctuary: 587-9770

If you have questions or want to book through me, send me an email, txt, or call. I can book via my cell phone (it syncs live to the salon computer!!)

My cell: 321-5352


Tip: Always keep your eyes peeled on my facebook for cancellation openings!

Where is Sanctuary Salon?

72 Railroad Place, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Railroad Place runs parallel to Broadway, and the salon is around the corner from Chianti Restaurant.

Where do I park?

Street Parking! Expect to circle the block a few times before finding a street spot in the summer. I would factor extra time before your appointment for this. There is a parking garage on Woodlawn Ave, which is a little walk. There are also lots behind Putnam Market and Adirondack Trust to keep in mind.

What will be different?

For permanent haircolor applications, I will be using the new L’Oreal INOA ammonia-free color. It’s breakthrough technology is changing the industry. For those of you with extremely sensitive scalps, this will be perfect, and for everyone else too!! Non-toxic haircolor! Yeah! For non-permanent applications and glazes, I will continue to use L’Anza.

If you booked appointments into the summer, thank you! Your appointments have been transferred to the new salon. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you there!

Check it!

Sanctuary’s Facebook

Juice from Cannes

Check out my favorites from Cannes Festival!

Bryce Dallas Howard. I've never heard of her, but I love a new red-head on the scene. Her hair is very Titian, and her jade earrings are a perfect accent!!

Aishwarya Rai : A Bollywood actress. I love her eyes, in contrast to her crazy top-knot!

Diane Kruger. All I can say is: I LOVE MESSY HAIR. Her pure-style makeup goes perfectly with the hair chaos. Very organic. Very dryad.

Ang. Classic. Nothing tries too hard, and is easy to look at.

Kate, William, and Your Fingernails.

Salon Visit Tips

I subscribe to a beauty blog called Real Beauty. Today’s post was tips for getting a great haircut from your stylist. It was full of wisdom , aside from a few points.

Points I don’t agree with :

* It suggests trimming your own bangs. There are v. few people I wold recommend this to. It’s visually confusing to look in the mirror and trim your own bangs successfully, with what I guess would be either fabric scissors, cuticle scissor, kitchen scissors, or kid scissors. I’ve heard all of these tools mentioned by clients. Don’t do it.

*In tip 15, they mention asking the stylist to hold her/his shears vertically to remove bulk. This is mentioned after a pointer telling you to trust your stylist, and don’t use lingo you are not sure of. While this is a technique I use frequently, if a client asked me to do this specifically, I’d feel micromanaged. Just ask the general request: my hair is thick, can you thin it? We’ll use the method best suited to the cut and texture of your hair.

*They boo the razor a little in this post. It’s a sensitive subject for stylists, and especially by clients who have had a bad razor cut experience. I love my razor, but I use it responsibly. You can in fact use a razor on smooth curly hair, which can be determined by running your fingers down the shaft of the hair. Smooth? You’re good to go. Feels bumpy? No razor for you.


*My favorite bit of advice: BE ON TIME. Being late contributes to the stress of your stylist, who strives to be on time for her clients all day long. 15 minutes may seem NBD to you, but it means the sum of 1/2 or 1/3 of your appointment which could be spent providing a stellar service, which is now demoted to a rush job. I would say 5 minutes late is your max…