If you have read my past posts, you’ll remember my obsession with the perfect mascara. Which, really, means my obsession with the perfect lashes. When I was younger, I had dark thick lashes without any mascara….

Now, at 31, they are light, sparser, and not as amazing. I’m not sure why, but I have some theories. Lashes do get lighter and finer as you age. But I am not that old! Another reason would be my past anxiety disorder of trichtillomania starting late middle school, squashed around college… (if you do read that link, I would equate the level I experienced as an equivalent to nail biting, focused on my lashes and eyebrows. I stopped by force of will, brought on by a fear that I would look freakier and freakier).

Alas, I am going to try Latisse, a prescription medication known to some of you through advertisements and commercials with Claire Daines as their front woman.   Two drawbacks: 4% of the test population experienced darkening of the lid (reversible), and some experienced darkening of the iris (not reversible). I have light blue eyes. Rather terrifying. The packaging said this happened to those who got the medication IN their eye. I can only hope to not be that dumb.

In four weeks, at the end of my 1st month of supply, I will post the results so far. Check out more info on the LATISSE website.


LATISSE: Day 0 before medication.



3 thoughts on “LATISSE, Day 0

  1. I haven’t researched the Clinique mascara…. However, I just bought Lancome’s Oscillating mascara, and it is no joke! It makes me look like I have false lashes!

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