International Beauty Show

On March 7th, I went to the Javett’s center in NYC to roam the booths at the massive convergence of Beautician’s and their tools. It’s education around every corner, a lot of schlock, a lot of treasures. It’s fun and exhausting. I gave myself a 4hr max before I hit the over-stimulation mark. Almost to the minute I started to fall apart, carrying large bags of free samples and new tools. New clippers, which I dropped and broke yesterday. A new set of brushes, a library of DVDs, and fun new combs.  I fell in love with a new company called ARROJO. Ever heard of Nick Arrojo? He was the stylist on What Not to Wear. He has a 4 yr old company featuring hard-core education for mad strong hairdressing skills, a stream-lined simplified line of products packaged to be straightforward and easy to use, a line of brushes (check), DVDS (check), scissors and razors (someday), and an approachable style in all aspects. Totes amaze. I spent two hours at their booth alone watching them cut and demonstrate. Here are some snaps below!

Hair models waiting to take the ARROJO stage.

I couldn't get up close to the barbering competition, but I zoomed in to this guy, who I thought looked a little like Snoop. Mad skills going on here.

Guy on left was awesome. Super nice, he guided me through the best of the hair brushes. Fly style too.

This is Gerard. I asked him where I knew him from. Answer? AVEDA! I saw him at Congress about 2 yrs ago. He worked for them for years. He's amazing. Nick Arrojo recruited him, who himself was former artistic director for Aveda.

Model for Arrojo.

This master stylist is on the EXPO dvd I purchased.

Loved this stylist's style, strawberry blonde hair with red lips. Can't see it here, but the colors are still good! She's using the Arrojo straight blade to demonstrate a pixi cut.

Not a fan of this look. I wonder how the model felt when she got home that day.

This was a cool cut. The bleached out corner of her hair gave the illusion of an asymetrical cut. Tres bien!

Side shot of above.

a very fierce cut bleached out a toned to an almost pink ash tone. I think it's cool!

You would have to have finer hair for this, or it would go so wrong.

This very tight fade was achieved through scissor over comb.


Achieved with three different levels of bleach and tone. The ends were shattered with a razor.

LOVE the big curls.

I think her curls are not natural, but were made to look natural by scrunching product and messifying. Love this too.


1945 ~ Aunt Doll

This is my Great Aunt Doll (Louise). My Aunt forwarded this photo to me, attached with a story of how her Aunt (Aunt Doll) lived with my Grandma for a time (1943-1945) while her husband was in Europe fighting in WWII. She was a beautician, and worked in a salon in Glens Falls. When my Great Uncle Dick came home from the war, they moved back to Arizona, where Aunt Doll opened up a rather large beauty parlor.  I NEVER KNEW THIS! This is amazing! Inspiring!

Apparently she had a few larger pieces of equipment in the attic at Grandma’s (Kitty) house. This included a Permanent Wave Machine. My Aunt said that Doll set Kitty’s hair ablaze with this wicked looking machine.  I’ve posted images below from a google image search so you get the idea. I can imagine the chaos as the curlers were being yanked from my Grandma’s head. The smell of burning hair was in the house that day! Apparently they had a good laugh afterwards!

Aunt Doll, 1945

This is an image find, circa 1930's of the perm machine in action. OY!

An interesting up close shot from underneath the hood of the perm machine.

I wonder what we do in the pursuit of beauty presently, will seem archaic and dangerous in the future? Ideas that come to me are the plastic surgery excesses, botox, etc. Please share your thoughts in the comments section!


My Aunt just sent me this photograph, which is of my great Aunt Evelyn. Aunt Eve was one of my first beauty patrons. She would come to visit her sister, my grandmother (Kitty) and I would paint their nails clear with sparkles. It was fun, and I wish they were both with us still.

The aunt who passed this along to me said I resemble her… I think I do! Most of all, I love her finger-waved hair and the grace of her arm. Vintage beauty never gets tired.


Me Ombre

It worked! There is Springtime in my hair! Thank you, Mary!

I always fantasize about being a blonde, but the nearest I came to it made me feel without dimension.  I was ghost on ghost. NOW, with this OMBRE phenomenon, I can enjoy some light and dimension while honoring my pale skin and dark roots.

What good would a new look be without a before shot?

Hey there, Gollum.



I'm feeling a little SJP! Yes!


Angle from above

Notes on makeup: MAC foundation, Chanel eyebrow definer, Body Shop eyeshadow, Stila face highliter, CG lipstick, Chanel mascara. Leave a comment below if you want more specifics! And yea, L'Anza Healing color was used, and Moroccan oil gave me the shine!




Lily with Ombre Hair

This is the stretch of winter when I beat my fists against the wall and cry for the sun. I’m longing for the sweet smell of melting earth, the first little buds of green, and that odd air of humidity from the melting snow. What will get me through these last weeks of winter will be OMBRE, painting my nails acidic 80’s colors recalling a Harajuku/Gwen vibe, and bright lipgloss. But what is Ombre? A trend in the celebrity hair world, done by Jessica Biel, Nicole Ricci, and others I can’t remember.

Perfection in Ombre

Ashley with a punk version of Ombre... I like the edge it gives.

More of a subtle brown tonality going on.

Drew doing an extreme version. I like the tangly mess with a braid.


I can’t wait! I’ll post pics when it happens!


This morning the internet is a Wonderland…. I found this cosmic dress, which costs more than 900 British lbs. A knockoff would delight me… I’d wear it to the impending Bartender’s Ball in February. Any ideas?

Christopher Kane dress.

Another discovery:  AnOther magazine’s style blog, which I clicked on through the Sartorialist. AnOther’s magazine is a biannual magazine that is large, glossy and artistically refined. It includes music and art, balled up into one glorious hybrid. Bjork and Natalie Portman have both graced the cover.

Here is an image from an interview with Yoko Ono, who calls herself the most famous unknown artist:

A morself from the many found in AnOther magazine.

On another subject, I’ve been obsessing over the complexion of Jennifer Lopez. I want to refract light like she does. I combed through and found TARINA TARATINA. I can’t wait to get the atomizer! The product design is perfect. The sparkles are without binding agent, so I’m guessing there is no smell, which would be a plus for me. Yeah! Have a great day, and enjoy your coffee. I certainly am.

An atomizer your great grandmother would be fond of.

Her skin! The atomizer! It's so cool!

I bought the lip products to recreate the lips in this pic.

Red Stripe 2

20’s drag with a twist: the red stripe.

From the Sartorialist

2011 Bravery

I have a long list of New Year’s … AMBITIONS. Somewhere around the beginning of December, when I turn another year older, I start to decide what I will gift myself. Last year, Jason and I went to Italy. This symbolized, on my 30th birthday, a conscious decision to always keep the world open to myself, and myself open to the world. Travel is important. This year, I gifted myself private Pilates lessons twice a week at Reform. I feel absolutely lovely doing this, and after about 4 weeks, I feel the difference. It’s easier to keep my posture, which has been an ongoing battle since 7th grade. I’ll continue doing this. Another more nuanced ambition is to APPRECIATE and RESPECT. I learn much from conversations with my clients. They are my windows to the world. Those two actions are pearls I took away from one conversation. BRAVERY is another ambition. I, and I’m sure everyone, feels fear. Bravery is a decision which becomes a character trait.  And as a visual person, I’ll share this digital creation I made during our trip to Rockport, Mass. I used a behind the scenes shot from my Lumete gig, and joined it with Rockport’s seaweed and a quote from the historic marker at the docks. I imagine that people were a hardier stock back in the day…. but they still wore stockings and used them with brave flare. Consider the poster for 2011’s battle cry to bravery.


2010 in review

2010 was a beautiful but challenging year. I started LOOK a beauty blog to start an ongoing soapbox/forum for my clients and I to enrich our thoughts about beauty and keep inspiration alive. In May I left my home of 5 years at Classical Concepts AVEDA to go independent at the Epiphany of Hair Design. There, I’ve been learning all about the art of profits and losses, tax quarters, paying estimated taxes, how awesome having a great accountant is, ordering inventory, Redken v. L’Anza (L’Anza wins), and other small business adventures… Another amazing photoshoot for the newest LUMETE campaign, Metroland Fall and Holiday fashion spreads, and multiple enchanted weddings on location that I was honored to work for.  I’ve also been cultivating plans to open my own salon. Some of you may know this, and I anticipate this with excitement, underlined with the pointed thrill of “Oh MY God, What AM I DOING!”  I’ve gotten my logo and name ready, and as we speak little graphic design elves are carving away a website for the business. Whether I open my doors in 2011 or not is yet to be determined, but trust me readers, I will keep you posted.

Below I’ve posted LOOK’s statistics for 2010. Have a peak, the results surprised me!!


THANK YOU, everyone, for following me both here and in the salon. I love and appreciate each and every one of you!
Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 6,900 times in 2010. That’s about 17 full 747s.


In 2010, there were 82 new posts, not bad for the first year! There were 288 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 237mb. That’s about 6 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was June 1st with 150 views. The most popular post that day was Willful Rebellion.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for daphne guinness, critter pants, look a beauty blog, lumete, and kate perry.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Willful Rebellion May 2010


Guerlain Le 2 Mascara Review March 2010


Hoboken was Smoken: Photoshoot! February 2010


Makeover Monday: Casey’s Smokey Eye March 2010


ELLEN: Makeover Monday #2 March 2010

Swiped from the Sartorialist

I have certain blogs that I go to for inspiration when in the morning, I feel sluggish and grey. Here is a photograph from the blog THE SARTORIALIST.

After having watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, and reading countless Vogue’s, this street shot of a Parisian girl made me so happy. Her look is so fresh! It’s so easy to love! It doesn’t threaten or overbear! It cheery and still mysterious! Her haircut is awesome! Notice how it’s slightly asymmetrical:

Pop America is very into the spectacle of garish sexual appeal. And let’s not be mistaken, it can have it’s fun campy appeal. But I am searching for something new…. and I feel like this photo has a whiff of that “else-ness” I seek. Talking with clients this past week, I’ve shared with the ones who don’t follow the blog, (but yet still ask me what is new on my blog )(PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!), why I have added MK and Ashley Olsen to my MUSES. Why? Because they add style with creativity, cascading rumply hair and  beautiful makeup all culminating in an expressive display of otherness. They also put a cocktail ring on every finger, reminding me of the playtime with jewelry I used to escape in when I was pre-k. The glitter and gold entranced me, not because I dreamed of riches, but because I recognized the inherent beauty in the object.

So there you have it: my morning coffee think piece, fueled by coffee and hunger!

What is your goal today? Wear an extra ring or 5! Wear a scarf wrapped high around your neck tucked into your jacket, with big full earrings and your hair rumpled or piled up in a holiday nest on your head. HAPPY FRIDAY!

Don’t worry about smoothing and perfecting, about sexual appeal. Instead, work towards a sense of personal style.