Album Cover Shoot

I remember my senior portrait. I’m sure you remember yours too. Blue backdrop, awkward smile, anxiety and excitement about the great unknown future. It certainly wasn’t a photoshoot for my potential album cover and insert. What you can’t see in my senior portrait was all the ambitions I had, which I am lucky to be fulfilling every day. I love what I do, and I especially love when those around me are also making their dreams come true.

Here we have amazingly beautiful photographs of Maya Kurchner, a singer songwriter from Saratoga Springs. She is off to the Berklee College of Music in the fall in further pursuit of her goals. To her credit, she has completed an impressive album recorded, produced, and co-written, by Jason Brown of JBrown NOISE. Otherwise known as my boyfriend 😉 You can listen and download Maya’s music HERE. (One has gotten airtime on Fly 92!)

Her portraits were taken by my good friend Brooke of her own HUDSON PHOTO.  (How I wish these were my Senior Year portraits…. where was my hair and makeup artist and uber-talented photographer?) Brooke does breathtaking family photography also, but really, all of her photography is imbued with a heartbreaking and poetic capturing of  the large and small moments in life. Book her now, before she is booked solid and your puppies and children are already full grown!

And lest I forget to mention, Maya’s hair and makeup for the photoshoot are by ME. And if you haven’t seen my official website click HERE.

So, check out  these portraits and click on all the links to explore more images, songs, and projects!

Hudson Photo

Hudson Photo

Hudson Photo

I couldn't resist. Note the changes in generation. Maya: fully prepared for the future with an innate fashion sense, and armed with professional producers and photographers, and makeup and hair artists. Me: current for 1998, with my own interpretation of grunge/artsy/formal portrait wear, and thinking Art School, then Beauty School. Oh Brooke, Oh future me, wish you were there! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Album Cover Shoot

  1. I crack up every time I look at my yearbook pic. Remember what a big deal it was to have that one guy from GF take your senior pics? I was so excited that I got to go to him, and come to find out everyone else in the world thinks that I got some glamour shot at the mall and makes fun of me for it! Oh, how context is everything!

  2. Eli, that is hilarious. I just flipped through to find your pic. You looked great! Ultimately, there is just no good way to do a senior pic. It’s just awkward as hell. Context really is everything!

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