Carmen Dell’Orefice…

She’s 80 now. And stunning.

Carmen Dell'Orefici

I discovered her this morning, while peering over Jason’s shoulder while he read CNN. The article What is Beauty and Who has It? summarizes a show going on in LA that features beauty industry photography. Read it, and most especially browse the images.

Carmen looks wonderful, and even though she may have had some “help” in recent years, it’s not garish or cartoonish. The image above shows her a little more lined, and I love that, with her casual hair and star necklace. Celestial goddess…

Here are some more I found:

From a tumblr search....earlier career

A Richard Avedon shot

another goddess shot



2 thoughts on “Carmen

  1. She is def still killing it.. although airbrushing and touching up are really getting a workout in some shots…shes still so striking.. i think even more so in the older shots….her white hair is so extreme and i love older women who stay away from the grandma comb out! She reminds me very much of Anne Bancroft

  2. The grandma combout: it was my top mission when I went to beauty school to eradicate it from the area. None of my clients have one. I am so glad I know she exists. new muse!!

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