Latisse follow-up

I  tried the Latisse medication once. I applied it as directed: in an eyeliner-like way at the base of my lashes. Maybe a half hour later I had the sensation that I had done something to my lids… they felt tight. Jason came home and I said, “Do my eyes look funny?” He said, “Yeah, they look small and watery. Did you use that stuff?” And maybe it was my heightened paranoia about the side-effects (darkened lids:reversible, darkened iris: not reversible) I could swear that my lids looked tinged gray, and my cornea looked less white. Thoroughly freaked, and also forbidden by Jason to continue (“Your lashes are fine! You always look great!”, I have not used Latisse again. $120 down the toilet. However, I don’t discount the awesomeness that it could be for others. Just not for me! The photos below were taken a day later, as my eyelids were still puffy!!

The red arrows are pointing out the poofy redness that Latisse created. It is applied like an eyeliner. As you can see, that is precisely where there is swelling.


13 thoughts on “Latisse follow-up

  1. They do look a bit puffy,however i can’t NAY i REFUSE to believe that Claire Danes would lie to me. I’ve heard of people using it on their brows, maybe try that but actually you have quite full brows LUCKY! Looks like the only appropriate solution is to give it to me.

  2. As a half-Asian woman with no lashes, I too have been very curious about Latisse. Even though I have darker-than-dark brown eyes already, the iris pigmentation thing jeeves me to no end. I think your experiment will quell any curiosities I may have had left. Thanks!

    **So sad about the $120 though!

    • Jeeves me too. The insert in the package isn’t to explanatory about the chemistry behind it and how it actually works. Do it arrest the lashes from shedding? Why the iris staining? Ah!

  3. Latisse is a prostaglandin analog that keeps more hair in the growth phase longer. The iris pigmentation comes from increasing melanin in the melanocytes (think: permanent tan). And this may be the pharmacist in me, but did you test the product on your skin before putting near your eye? (I wouldn’t have either). I would like to try it on my eyebrows after some bad wax jobs, but I’m afraid I’ll start looking like Bert from Sesame Street! Ah!

    • Thanks Dre! Well, I did not think to do that. It didn’t occurr to me, however, that is an awesome suggestion. I wish I had thought of that. It does say that wherever you put it, expect increased hair growth…

  4. I truely believe natural is the best….. It is what is inside of you that counts. Your heart is pure and true….love who you are and shine….YOU are beautiful!!!!!!

  5. I had a great experience with Latisse and that just shows everyone is different. I’ll admit, my eyes were red and irritated for the first month, haha. But after that, I’ve had no side effects- no redness, no darkening of lash line, no irritation and my eyes are already brown. But the results are fantastic, I grew long and thick eyelashes that curled up on its own without having to use a curler. And I used to have short, straight and thin Asian eyelashes so I’m so happy about the results. I would say this is the one product from which I’ve had the most tangible results. Sorry it didn’t work out for you, will you be trying another lash growth product?

  6. Whoa! I’m definitely NOT trying that product. I don’t understand why women want to try it if you aren’t losing lashes (ie, chemo, menopause).

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