Salon Visit Tips

I subscribe to a beauty blog called Real Beauty. Today’s post was tips for getting a great haircut from your stylist. It was full of wisdom , aside from a few points.

Points I don’t agree with :

* It suggests trimming your own bangs. There are v. few people I wold recommend this to. It’s visually confusing to look in the mirror and trim your own bangs successfully, with what I guess would be either fabric scissors, cuticle scissor, kitchen scissors, or kid scissors. I’ve heard all of these tools mentioned by clients. Don’t do it.

*In tip 15, they mention asking the stylist to hold her/his shears vertically to remove bulk. This is mentioned after a pointer telling you to trust your stylist, and don’t use lingo you are not sure of. While this is a technique I use frequently, if a client asked me to do this specifically, I’d feel micromanaged. Just ask the general request: my hair is thick, can you thin it? We’ll use the method best suited to the cut and texture of your hair.

*They boo the razor a little in this post. It’s a sensitive subject for stylists, and especially by clients who have had a bad razor cut experience. I love my razor, but I use it responsibly. You can in fact use a razor on smooth curly hair, which can be determined by running your fingers down the shaft of the hair. Smooth? You’re good to go. Feels bumpy? No razor for you.


*My favorite bit of advice: BE ON TIME. Being late contributes to the stress of your stylist, who strives to be on time for her clients all day long. 15 minutes may seem NBD to you, but it means the sum of 1/2 or 1/3 of your appointment which could be spent providing a stellar service, which is now demoted to a rush job. I would say 5 minutes late is your max…


5 thoughts on “Salon Visit Tips

  1. I love the razor! And the most important tip, of course, is to make sure you go to the most hip and talented stylist in the area – Janelle!! Yeah!

  2. You go, girl! I completely agree with you on your points you don’t agree with and why. No one should cut their own hair, even stylists 🙂

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