What is LOOK and who is Janelle?

LOOK a Beauty Blog is the archive where I store all of my beauty inspirations. Here you’ll find a range from makeup and hair how-to’s, my own professional work experiences, images I’ve found on the web that inspire me, my muses (an ever-growing list of women whose stylish approach to life inspire me), and a range of information on products.

I am an independent hair and makeup artist, working behind the chair and in the field for editorials and on location occasions. LOOK a Beauty Blog is also the first seedling which I planted in growing my business, which will one day be a fabulous art Salon and zenith of all things inspiring and empowering.

For more information, go to my official website: www.lookhairandmakeup.net



8 thoughts on “What is LOOK and who is Janelle?

    • My first blog entry titled “Look and Find Your Muse” has image of me, and I believe my Avatar is in the About Me section…. I’m also curious about the eyemakeup video… I haven’t posted any videos.
      Let me know what you looked at!

  1. Luv this! I am Leif’s wife and he’s been telling me for ages to check this out. I agree with you on Jennifer Lopez’s glowy skin. Years ago she was at an award’s ceremony looking all peachy and dewy on the red carpet. One fashion critic said that she looked like a glazed donut.
    Fellow fashion lady, Jill

  2. Thank you so much JILL!!! Hilarious glazed donut analogy… and so true. Her skin is matte underneath a delicious looking smooth sheen of radiance. Like a glazed donut!

  3. I tend to be more and more curious with this beauty blog. It is inspiring, joyous, critical, honest, and beautiful. I would sum it up to be an empowering tool for those of us OBSESSED with having a fortitude for aesthetics.

    Thank You Janelle!

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