Treats from Japan

I recently received a juicy gift of Japanese hair and fashion magazines from my Japanese friend Kahoru. We met in printmaking class at Plattsburgh, and have reconnected through Facebook. We got to talking about her own salon experiences in Japan. Japan is highly fashion conscious, very avant garde, and aesthetically inspired. I love it! Previously I’ve posted about the Harajuku fashion, known to the world at large through Gwen Stefani’s interpretation of the youth street fashion in Tokyo. The magazines bring a lot of what inspires me into one. Pattern, hair, makeup, colors, design, paper, drawings, shiny things, cultural perspective.

I’m going to take us one magazine at a time, with just a little taster today from VOGUE Japan.  The magazine is a larger format than our own print version. It also integrates a lot more textural and artistic elements in their layout. You can see echoes of Japan’s legendary print legacy, both paper and textiles. Also, especially in the example below, how their art finds its way into glorifying the art of fashion. Check this out!

The use of old European manuscripts to showcase the organic beauty of this jewelry makes me so happy! Would I find this is american vogue? I don't think so...

I love this whimsical illustration!


2 thoughts on “Treats from Japan

  1. Thank you for enjoying the gift, Janelle! I am so happy and honored to be mentioned in your blog! When I was picking out magazines for you (out of millions as you can imagine), I thought ‘Well, VOGUE is from the U.S. Why should I send it to Janelle?!’ But I like the magazine, so I picked it up and flipped through. And Voila! Thist was the exact page I saw first and I thought ‘Well, just for this page, maybe it is worth sending!’

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