Emma Watson : Muse

Officially today, just after adding the Olsen twins to my tome of muses, I add Emma Watson. Not only is she Hermione, she is Burberry, and now, she is Pixie. She is smart, has depth and amazing style, bone structure… and my fave: big eyebrows.



I officially declare the Olsen twins my newest additions to my Muses.

Weight Loss During the Holidays

We’ve all just done the usual: fill ourselves with starch and turkey, pies and other sugary bloat.  Now we’re full of something else: self loathing wrapped in over-tight denim.

I usually ignore all the “control your weight” blogs and clickable insights on this subject. But click on this, I did: http://www.redbookmag.com/health-wellness/advice/diet-myths . On the 9th bit of advice they give you, it links to a fun Before and After feature. You can upload a photograph of yourself, and it will alter your image to foretell what you would look like after your selected amount of weight loss.

Before. I'm showing off my diamond find at Herkemer.

After. I selected a weight loss of 25 pounds. Somehow, I feel like that should look skinnier than this. My arms did not change. Bummer!

Holiday Fashion Behind the Scenes

I’ve been silent a very long time. I’m sorry!

I went on vacation with my boyfriend, then launched straight in to the holiday frenzy of the hair and makeup business.  Who doesn’t want to look amazing as you head straight into crowds of friends, family and maybe even former foes, all of whom you may not have seen recently. So, it’s time to polish up!

Out this week for Metroland is the Holiday Fashion Issue. This is my fourth or fifth shoot with them. Leif (www.leifz.com) is always fun and pretends that he is the ultimate unProfessional … but really, he is quite the pro, but inserts hilarity and jokes throughout the day to help it go by like a flash. Dena came as my assistant, and thanks to a model no-show, she was spirited away as a model. She’s my girl, and it was fun dolling her up … just like the old days at Classical.

Christy, Jess, and Matt were our other models: super fun people. Matt owns Bomber’s Burritos, and another bar which I cannot remember. But, what I do remember is his super cool blog: www.fridaypuppy.com, for which Christy also writes. It runs from movie reviews to all things else… but most importantly: Who is this week’s cutest puppy?

Here are some of my favorite back stage shots: Enjoy!

Dena with a much coveted headband.

Hi ladies.

Christy texting... and inadvertantly showing off the perfect twist I gave her hair, and the sunlight accenting the off-shoulder look.

Jess, a beautiful girl and fun to work with, waiting for her next shot. Photo that is.

Hi ladies.

Dena with an elegant sweeping wave.

LOOK mock poster for Lumete gig.

My sister is the graphic designer. (Find business’ site is www.hylanddesign.net) I like to play at it sometimes with Photoshop. Sitting with tea. Maddeningly unskilled in the nuances of the program. Here is a little exercise I did with some shots I took a couple weekends ago while working Hair and Makeup for the awesome sunglass company Lumete (www.lumete.com).

About a week prior Clara, the designer, described the aesthetic and mood of the shoot. Alchemy, ancient and modern, vintage and dark, ethereal and gossamer were all mixed into the brew and spun into a dream board. I got to work with the images she forwarded me, and set aside quality time with my makeup all spread out, my sketchbook open with glue stick and scissors, and put together my “Face Maps.”  It’s always good to go in feeling mentally prepared. I try to have all colors grouped according to model/mood and an execution plan for their hair. It makes the challenges of the actual situation much easier to contend with if your creative side is readied. *Skin probs?* * While I’m focusing on correcting that for the camera, I don’t have to worry about forgetting what my plan was for your colors…* I have it written down and sketched out.

Taking my face maps and some AFTER shots of the models, I made a poster for LOOK Hair & Makeup, showing the preparation that I take for LOOK looks.

Wish I had my Sis's skills. But here it is, an experiment in poster design!

WEN? Now.

It seems months ago now, when I was given by a lovely client named Maureen, her travel size bottle of Lavender Wen Conditioning Shampoo. I had used it on her hair after her color service and fell in love.  I could not get over how luxuriously soft and manageable her hair had become. If you have used this product, you know it doesn’t lather. So to newbies, it’s a fearful plunge to take… buying a rather pricey product to clean your hair when there is no lather involved.

The ingredients list is shorter than any other shampoo I’ve used, and one of the main ingredients is Aloe Vera. The essential oils present in their aroma, but not overused so sensitive types will not be overwhelmed.

How to use? I distribute 3 pumps to three section of my scalp, working through with my fingers and massaging my scalp. I then comb it through and spend the rest of my shower time letting it sit.  Rinse at the end. My hair is fine, so I do not opt to use additional as a leave-in. The lack of the surfactants in the ingredients ( ending in -ates) also makes this product better for the earth. It’s all natural.

Word to the Wise: My friend Casey was savvy enough to get her Wen off of Amazon.com. I, in a moment of product puritanism, ordered directly from the wenhaircare.com site. Go the path of Casey: you will have more options and control of which aroma blend and size. I was required to get an intro kit, and sign up for automatic delivery. So lame! And I have not heard back via. customer service email whether or not they have cancelled my “membership” as per my request. I think you may even get it cheaper from Amazon.

More tips:

  • The comb you get from wenhaircare.com is lame. It’s hard to grip in the shower when combing the product through your hair. Get a cheap one from Sally’s.
  • I have fine hair. I shampooed the traditional method every other day. I can do this with Wen also. I did take about a week to adjust though: I had a a greasy transition, but I stuck it out and am fine now.
  • The lavender may be better for fine hair types. I’m using the almond mint at the moment. Is it me, or is it heavier?
  • You will see just how much you shed from day to day. Buy Draino. Brush your dry hair before your shower to reduce the amount that is shed during the comb-through.
  • The “before” and “afters” on the official site are BS. They say they are not, but for me, a professional hair stylist, I say: you will still need to style as usual. If you blowdry your hair for volume, you’ll still have to do that. It may make it easier, but it will not replace it.
  • It is expensive. It is one product, as opposed to a separate shampoo and conditioner. You’ll maybe spend about the same if you are a luxury salon product only person. If you have long thick hair, you may end up paying more, as you’ll have to really lay it on thick.


The flavors of Wen.

I don’t think this is a perfect fit for everyone. But I personally love it and enjoy using it every time. Am I always going to use it? Probably not. Having my shampoo shipped to me is a total inconvenience, and I love exploring different things.

Metroland Fall Fashion Issue. Coming out this Thursday!

Here are some behind the scenes snippits from a shoot I did yesterday for Metroland’s fall fashion issue. Everyone was great, as usual! Thank you Leif, Halie, Kristin, Joleen and Mike, Lynnae, Korin, and Stephen!

Botticelli would fall in love....

Now try these fabulous lumete sunglasses on... http://www.lumete.com

Wrap and release!

Lynnae, with one of my fav. types of hair: fine, highlighted, and will do anything I tell it to!

Halie, my rock star assistant. She kept me organized and efficient, even though she failed to tell me I was wearing a mustache of red lipstick! !!! AH! lol.

Gaga greige inspiration hanging with my makeup chaos in the Metroland offices.

Her hair, her skin, her makeup.... perf!

Window gazing!

Olson Hair

For huge messy awesome hair.

sweet boho hair

Just 2 seconds ago, I sprayed my towel-dried hair with L’Anza’s Healing Beach Spray. I smell like a vacation, and now that I’ve blow-dried it into a mass of voluminous waves REQUIRING NO BRUSH or coordination. I look like I’m an Olson cousin. I’m in love.

Stop by the Epiphany of Hair Design, where I style, and pick up a bottle. It’s not for those of you who strive for perfect sleek. It’s for those who want some crazy.


My friend Matt works for Chanel Cosmetics. In my cell phone he is listed as Matt Chanel. I’m not sure of his official title, but he commands a successful region of Chanels that he has personally escorted into successful brand representatives.  He’s handsome, charismatic, and hilariously funny. He’ll also cut you down to size and somehow, you still love him and feel good about yourself afterwards. He demands the best from everyone, loves Oprah, and can talk “universe” just as fluently as “sparkles and Britney Spears.”

When he asked me to freelance an event for Chanel as a makeup artist, I agreed.  Knowing him, I both feared and anticipated the day when I would have to prove myself in front of him as a talented makeup artist, Chanel saleswoman extraordinaire, and wing my way through Chanel Skincare. The day was yesterday, and it went amazingly. The day was peppered with Matt’s exclamations of “It’s BEYOND!” while I did my best to be official Chanel.

Kaled was the visiting makeup artist, for whom the throngs of Chanel fans were there.  He too, was charismatic, highly informed, and very easy to work with. He set the clients at ease while executing amazing makeup for the guests. I learned a lot from him, watching and asking. My eyes were opened to new color combinations and I’ll always have a clean blending brush with me for every eye I shadow. I’ve never sold so many products in one day, infectiously enthusiastic because I knew every single product is going to give them pleasure every time they use it.

So, thank you to Khalid for encouraging me, and telling me that he sees awesome things for my future. Matt Chanel for being Matt Chanel and letting me be Janelle Chanel. Your team obviously loves you and I can see why, you’re fearsome and inspiring. Kaitlin, for training me and familiarizing me with the Chanel way.  Wanda and the team from Macy’s Crossgates for helping me on my first freelance : THANK YOU!!! XOXOXO

Star moments and products:

Ultra Correction LIFT  Eye Cream. I applied it around a guest’s eye area, turned around to find the accompanying face cream, and nearly passed out when I saw that it had already visibly reduced her wrinkles. IN.SANE. Go and buy it.

The LIFT collection. Costs as much as gold, but does more than gold.

SOLEIL TAN de CHANEL. If you’re looking for a bronzer that isn’t orange and looks real. Look no further. One of my guests said she spray tans throughout the year, and has trouble with her foundation matching because the spray tan is in a constant ebb and flow between fresh and faded. This was the perfect solution:

Real tan.

  • KOHL pencils in two shades that will alter your ideas about the smokey eye. Use AMBRE for it’s velvet warmish reddish can’t put your finger on it dark brown. Flattering on EVERYONE. Use BLANC JADE to add an almost black aqua to your purple or greenish smokey eye. To quote Matt, it’s BEYOND.
  • OMBRES CONTRAST DUO in MISTY SOFT. This double eyeshadow compact sold out  midday. It’s a dark matte plum with a pearlescant light violet. It makes gray/green/blue eyes pop bright and dark brown eyes smolder. It goes great with a black liner and the AMBRE shade on the inner rim of your lid.
  • The new INIMITABLE INTENSE mascara. For those of you who love long thick curled up lashes. Buy it now and don’t look back. I applied it to the sparsest of lashes, and discovered full lashes in their stead.

    Lashes all over the place!

    In close, I just want to say that Chanel isn’t for the thrifty gal. If you are thrifty, and you desire a luxurious splurge because you deserve it, then CHANEL is the way to go. The products will not disappoint you. When you look at them, their packaging is beautiful. When you use them, you feel the luxury and see the luxurious results. They will also last you a long time. So whatever your usual price point, consider Chanel.