International Beauty Show

On March 7th, I went to the Javett’s center in NYC to roam the booths at the massive convergence of Beautician’s and their tools. It’s education around every corner, a lot of schlock, a lot of treasures. It’s fun and exhausting. I gave myself a 4hr max before I hit the over-stimulation mark. Almost to the minute I started to fall apart, carrying large bags of free samples and new tools. New clippers, which I dropped and broke yesterday. A new set of brushes, a library of DVDs, and fun new combs.  I fell in love with a new company called ARROJO. Ever heard of Nick Arrojo? He was the stylist on What Not to Wear. He has a 4 yr old company featuring hard-core education for mad strong hairdressing skills, a stream-lined simplified line of products packaged to be straightforward and easy to use, a line of brushes (check), DVDS (check), scissors and razors (someday), and an approachable style in all aspects. Totes amaze. I spent two hours at their booth alone watching them cut and demonstrate. Here are some snaps below!

Hair models waiting to take the ARROJO stage.

I couldn't get up close to the barbering competition, but I zoomed in to this guy, who I thought looked a little like Snoop. Mad skills going on here.

Guy on left was awesome. Super nice, he guided me through the best of the hair brushes. Fly style too.

This is Gerard. I asked him where I knew him from. Answer? AVEDA! I saw him at Congress about 2 yrs ago. He worked for them for years. He's amazing. Nick Arrojo recruited him, who himself was former artistic director for Aveda.

Model for Arrojo.

This master stylist is on the EXPO dvd I purchased.

Loved this stylist's style, strawberry blonde hair with red lips. Can't see it here, but the colors are still good! She's using the Arrojo straight blade to demonstrate a pixi cut.

Not a fan of this look. I wonder how the model felt when she got home that day.

This was a cool cut. The bleached out corner of her hair gave the illusion of an asymetrical cut. Tres bien!

Side shot of above.

a very fierce cut bleached out a toned to an almost pink ash tone. I think it's cool!

You would have to have finer hair for this, or it would go so wrong.

This very tight fade was achieved through scissor over comb.


Achieved with three different levels of bleach and tone. The ends were shattered with a razor.

LOVE the big curls.

I think her curls are not natural, but were made to look natural by scrunching product and messifying. Love this too.


2 thoughts on “International Beauty Show

  1. Right on! I say jump- you say ” how high”! love it!
    I LOVED the big curls too!! and the rest seemed a little to extreme to me. But that chick with the orange hair probably got home and cried her little bowl hair head off! NOT CUTE! she looks like one of those monks with the top of the head shaved off.

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