1945 ~ Aunt Doll

This is my Great Aunt Doll (Louise). My Aunt forwarded this photo to me, attached with a story of how her Aunt (Aunt Doll) lived with my Grandma for a time (1943-1945) while her husband was in Europe fighting in WWII. She was a beautician, and worked in a salon in Glens Falls. When my Great Uncle Dick came home from the war, they moved back to Arizona, where Aunt Doll opened up a rather large beauty parlor.  I NEVER KNEW THIS! This is amazing! Inspiring!

Apparently she had a few larger pieces of equipment in the attic at Grandma’s (Kitty) house. This included a Permanent Wave Machine. My Aunt said that Doll set Kitty’s hair ablaze with this wicked looking machine.  I’ve posted images below from a google image search so you get the idea. I can imagine the chaos as the curlers were being yanked from my Grandma’s head. The smell of burning hair was in the house that day! Apparently they had a good laugh afterwards!

Aunt Doll, 1945

This is an image find, circa 1930's of the perm machine in action. OY!

An interesting up close shot from underneath the hood of the perm machine.

I wonder what we do in the pursuit of beauty presently, will seem archaic and dangerous in the future? Ideas that come to me are the plastic surgery excesses, botox, etc. Please share your thoughts in the comments section!


7 thoughts on “1945 ~ Aunt Doll

  1. Is that the only way she could get reception on that phone? Seems extreme! So glad that all I have to worry about now, is when I can get in to see Janelle. Yay!

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