Me Ombre

It worked! There is Springtime in my hair! Thank you, Mary!

I always fantasize about being a blonde, but the nearest I came to it made me feel without dimension.  I was ghost on ghost. NOW, with this OMBRE phenomenon, I can enjoy some light and dimension while honoring my pale skin and dark roots.

What good would a new look be without a before shot?

Hey there, Gollum.



I'm feeling a little SJP! Yes!


Angle from above

Notes on makeup: MAC foundation, Chanel eyebrow definer, Body Shop eyeshadow, Stila face highliter, CG lipstick, Chanel mascara. Leave a comment below if you want more specifics! And yea, L'Anza Healing color was used, and Moroccan oil gave me the shine!



4 thoughts on “Me Ombre

  1. Perfect combination of natural hair color and professionally placed lights. Nicely blended and totally unique. I appreciate the fact that this type of hair coloring and styling extracts and encourages artistry and design. It’s obvious that the stylist enjoyed the experience and the results.
    A nice fresh “LOOK”.

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