Lily with Ombre Hair

This is the stretch of winter when I beat my fists against the wall and cry for the sun. I’m longing for the sweet smell of melting earth, the first little buds of green, and that odd air of humidity from the melting snow. What will get me through these last weeks of winter will be OMBRE, painting my nails acidic 80’s colors recalling a Harajuku/Gwen vibe, and bright lipgloss. But what is Ombre? A trend in the celebrity hair world, done by Jessica Biel, Nicole Ricci, and others I can’t remember.

Perfection in Ombre

Ashley with a punk version of Ombre... I like the edge it gives.

More of a subtle brown tonality going on.

Drew doing an extreme version. I like the tangly mess with a braid.


I can’t wait! I’ll post pics when it happens!


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