This morning the internet is a Wonderland…. I found this cosmic dress, which costs more than 900 British lbs. A knockoff would delight me… I’d wear it to the impending Bartender’s Ball in February. Any ideas?

Christopher Kane dress.

Another discovery:  AnOther magazine’s style blog, which I clicked on through the Sartorialist. AnOther’s magazine is a biannual magazine that is large, glossy and artistically refined. It includes music and art, balled up into one glorious hybrid. Bjork and Natalie Portman have both graced the cover.

Here is an image from an interview with Yoko Ono, who calls herself the most famous unknown artist:

A morself from the many found in AnOther magazine.

On another subject, I’ve been obsessing over the complexion of Jennifer Lopez. I want to refract light like she does. I combed through Sephora.com and found TARINA TARATINA. I can’t wait to get the atomizer! The product design is perfect. The sparkles are without binding agent, so I’m guessing there is no smell, which would be a plus for me. Yeah! Have a great day, and enjoy your coffee. I certainly am.

An atomizer your great grandmother would be fond of.

Her skin! The atomizer! It's so cool!

I bought the lip products to recreate the lips in this pic.


4 thoughts on “WonderUniverse

  1. Ughhhh i totally posted all these dresses for you..and clicked X by mistake… anyway.. check top shop.. i found some simliar styles for you and obviously much cheaper than 900 bucks.

    also .. love the straight forward shot at the bottom.

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