2011 Bravery

I have a long list of New Year’s … AMBITIONS. Somewhere around the beginning of December, when I turn another year older, I start to decide what I will gift myself. Last year, Jason and I went to Italy. This symbolized, on my 30th birthday, a conscious decision to always keep the world open to myself, and myself open to the world. Travel is important. This year, I gifted myself private Pilates lessons twice a week at Reform. I feel absolutely lovely doing this, and after about 4 weeks, I feel the difference. It’s easier to keep my posture, which has been an ongoing battle since 7th grade. I’ll continue doing this. Another more nuanced ambition is to APPRECIATE and RESPECT. I learn much from conversations with my clients. They are my windows to the world. Those two actions are pearls I took away from one conversation. BRAVERY is another ambition. I, and I’m sure everyone, feels fear. Bravery is a decision which becomes a character trait.  And as a visual person, I’ll share this digital creation I made during our trip to Rockport, Mass. I used a behind the scenes shot from my Lumete gig, and joined it with Rockport’s seaweed and a quote from the historic marker at the docks. I imagine that people were a hardier stock back in the day…. but they still wore stockings and used them with brave flare. Consider the poster for 2011’s battle cry to bravery.


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