Swiped from the Sartorialist

I have certain blogs that I go to for inspiration when in the morning, I feel sluggish and grey. Here is a photograph from the blog THE SARTORIALIST.

After having watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, and reading countless Vogue’s, this street shot of a Parisian girl made me so happy. Her look is so fresh! It’s so easy to love! It doesn’t threaten or overbear! It cheery and still mysterious! Her haircut is awesome! Notice how it’s slightly asymmetrical:

Pop America is very into the spectacle of garish sexual appeal. And let’s not be mistaken, it can have it’s fun campy appeal. But I am searching for something new…. and I feel like this photo has a whiff of that “else-ness” I seek. Talking with clients this past week, I’ve shared with the ones who don’t follow the blog, (but yet still ask me what is new on my blog )(PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!), why I have added MK and Ashley Olsen to my MUSES. Why? Because they add style with creativity, cascading rumply hair and  beautiful makeup all culminating in an expressive display of otherness. They also put a cocktail ring on every finger, reminding me of the playtime with jewelry I used to escape in when I was pre-k. The glitter and gold entranced me, not because I dreamed of riches, but because I recognized the inherent beauty in the object.

So there you have it: my morning coffee think piece, fueled by coffee and hunger!

What is your goal today? Wear an extra ring or 5! Wear a scarf wrapped high around your neck tucked into your jacket, with big full earrings and your hair rumpled or piled up in a holiday nest on your head. HAPPY FRIDAY!

Don’t worry about smoothing and perfecting, about sexual appeal. Instead, work towards a sense of personal style.


4 thoughts on “Swiped from the Sartorialist

  1. I agree! That look from the Sartorialist is refreshing. I love the color contrast, and the boldness of the clothing design. It looks comfortable and doesn’t flaunt any skin for a change.

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