Weight Loss During the Holidays

We’ve all just done the usual: fill ourselves with starch and turkey, pies and other sugary bloat.  Now we’re full of something else: self loathing wrapped in over-tight denim.

I usually ignore all the “control your weight” blogs and clickable insights on this subject. But click on this, I did: http://www.redbookmag.com/health-wellness/advice/diet-myths . On the 9th bit of advice they give you, it links to a fun Before and After feature. You can upload a photograph of yourself, and it will alter your image to foretell what you would look like after your selected amount of weight loss.

Before. I'm showing off my diamond find at Herkemer.

After. I selected a weight loss of 25 pounds. Somehow, I feel like that should look skinnier than this. My arms did not change. Bummer!


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