Holiday Fashion Behind the Scenes

I’ve been silent a very long time. I’m sorry!

I went on vacation with my boyfriend, then launched straight in to the holiday frenzy of the hair and makeup business.  Who doesn’t want to look amazing as you head straight into crowds of friends, family and maybe even former foes, all of whom you may not have seen recently. So, it’s time to polish up!

Out this week for Metroland is the Holiday Fashion Issue. This is my fourth or fifth shoot with them. Leif ( is always fun and pretends that he is the ultimate unProfessional … but really, he is quite the pro, but inserts hilarity and jokes throughout the day to help it go by like a flash. Dena came as my assistant, and thanks to a model no-show, she was spirited away as a model. She’s my girl, and it was fun dolling her up … just like the old days at Classical.

Christy, Jess, and Matt were our other models: super fun people. Matt owns Bomber’s Burritos, and another bar which I cannot remember. But, what I do remember is his super cool blog:, for which Christy also writes. It runs from movie reviews to all things else… but most importantly: Who is this week’s cutest puppy?

Here are some of my favorite back stage shots: Enjoy!

Dena with a much coveted headband.

Hi ladies.

Christy texting... and inadvertantly showing off the perfect twist I gave her hair, and the sunlight accenting the off-shoulder look.

Jess, a beautiful girl and fun to work with, waiting for her next shot. Photo that is.

Hi ladies.

Dena with an elegant sweeping wave.


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