LOOK mock poster for Lumete gig.

My sister is the graphic designer. (Find business’ site is www.hylanddesign.net) I like to play at it sometimes with Photoshop. Sitting with tea. Maddeningly unskilled in the nuances of the program. Here is a little exercise I did with some shots I took a couple weekends ago while working Hair and Makeup for the awesome sunglass company Lumete (www.lumete.com).

About a week prior Clara, the designer, described the aesthetic and mood of the shoot. Alchemy, ancient and modern, vintage and dark, ethereal and gossamer were all mixed into the brew and spun into a dream board. I got to work with the images she forwarded me, and set aside quality time with my makeup all spread out, my sketchbook open with glue stick and scissors, and put together my “Face Maps.”  It’s always good to go in feeling mentally prepared. I try to have all colors grouped according to model/mood and an execution plan for their hair. It makes the challenges of the actual situation much easier to contend with if your creative side is readied. *Skin probs?* * While I’m focusing on correcting that for the camera, I don’t have to worry about forgetting what my plan was for your colors…* I have it written down and sketched out.

Taking my face maps and some AFTER shots of the models, I made a poster for LOOK Hair & Makeup, showing the preparation that I take for LOOK looks.

Wish I had my Sis's skills. But here it is, an experiment in poster design!


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