WEN? Now.

It seems months ago now, when I was given by a lovely client named Maureen, her travel size bottle of Lavender Wen Conditioning Shampoo. I had used it on her hair after her color service and fell in love.  I could not get over how luxuriously soft and manageable her hair had become. If you have used this product, you know it doesn’t lather. So to newbies, it’s a fearful plunge to take… buying a rather pricey product to clean your hair when there is no lather involved.

The ingredients list is shorter than any other shampoo I’ve used, and one of the main ingredients is Aloe Vera. The essential oils present in their aroma, but not overused so sensitive types will not be overwhelmed.

How to use? I distribute 3 pumps to three section of my scalp, working through with my fingers and massaging my scalp. I then comb it through and spend the rest of my shower time letting it sit.  Rinse at the end. My hair is fine, so I do not opt to use additional as a leave-in. The lack of the surfactants in the ingredients ( ending in -ates) also makes this product better for the earth. It’s all natural.

Word to the Wise: My friend Casey was savvy enough to get her Wen off of Amazon.com. I, in a moment of product puritanism, ordered directly from the wenhaircare.com site. Go the path of Casey: you will have more options and control of which aroma blend and size. I was required to get an intro kit, and sign up for automatic delivery. So lame! And I have not heard back via. customer service email whether or not they have cancelled my “membership” as per my request. I think you may even get it cheaper from Amazon.

More tips:

  • The comb you get from wenhaircare.com is lame. It’s hard to grip in the shower when combing the product through your hair. Get a cheap one from Sally’s.
  • I have fine hair. I shampooed the traditional method every other day. I can do this with Wen also. I did take about a week to adjust though: I had a a greasy transition, but I stuck it out and am fine now.
  • The lavender may be better for fine hair types. I’m using the almond mint at the moment. Is it me, or is it heavier?
  • You will see just how much you shed from day to day. Buy Draino. Brush your dry hair before your shower to reduce the amount that is shed during the comb-through.
  • The “before” and “afters” on the official site are BS. They say they are not, but for me, a professional hair stylist, I say: you will still need to style as usual. If you blowdry your hair for volume, you’ll still have to do that. It may make it easier, but it will not replace it.
  • It is expensive. It is one product, as opposed to a separate shampoo and conditioner. You’ll maybe spend about the same if you are a luxury salon product only person. If you have long thick hair, you may end up paying more, as you’ll have to really lay it on thick.


The flavors of Wen.

I don’t think this is a perfect fit for everyone. But I personally love it and enjoy using it every time. Am I always going to use it? Probably not. Having my shampoo shipped to me is a total inconvenience, and I love exploring different things.


8 thoughts on “WEN? Now.

  1. I do love the wen haircare as well. With regular shampoos I couldn’t wash every day, but with this, I have no problem. In fact, the more often, the better! I bought my trial (6oz) sizes on Amazon, but only because QVC was on backorder. The only scent I’m having trouble with so far is the Fig. Not a fan at all. I do find that because I am greasier in front, the fine hair shampoos do work better for me. I also want to try the Tea Tree Oil at night to see if that helps. (Janelle hasn’t mentioned the other products yet!) I haven’t tried to straighten my hair since starting Wen, but I’ve noticed the curls are stunning just from air-drying. (normally I’d frizz out!)
    **Actual customer. Not a paid endorser!**

    • Thanks Actual Customer! I haven’t tried the other products yet. I received the hair mask and almond texturizer, but I might be a hair hippy at heart… I like to air dry and let my hair do its thing. I’ll write a comment here if I try the mask. I’m happy to hear your curls are stunning with Wen! Awesome! Easy!

  2. i really am loving my new shampoo…that’s from the market! it’s Loreal, one of their new sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner. the scent is so fresh and amazing!
    xox alison

  3. Dear God, Chaz Dean is going to hunt me down and kill me for exposing the Amazon secret! I’m a martyr for thrifty shopping. Love the post.

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