My friend Matt works for Chanel Cosmetics. In my cell phone he is listed as Matt Chanel. I’m not sure of his official title, but he commands a successful region of Chanels that he has personally escorted into successful brand representatives.  He’s handsome, charismatic, and hilariously funny. He’ll also cut you down to size and somehow, you still love him and feel good about yourself afterwards. He demands the best from everyone, loves Oprah, and can talk “universe” just as fluently as “sparkles and Britney Spears.”

When he asked me to freelance an event for Chanel as a makeup artist, I agreed.  Knowing him, I both feared and anticipated the day when I would have to prove myself in front of him as a talented makeup artist, Chanel saleswoman extraordinaire, and wing my way through Chanel Skincare. The day was yesterday, and it went amazingly. The day was peppered with Matt’s exclamations of “It’s BEYOND!” while I did my best to be official Chanel.

Kaled was the visiting makeup artist, for whom the throngs of Chanel fans were there.  He too, was charismatic, highly informed, and very easy to work with. He set the clients at ease while executing amazing makeup for the guests. I learned a lot from him, watching and asking. My eyes were opened to new color combinations and I’ll always have a clean blending brush with me for every eye I shadow. I’ve never sold so many products in one day, infectiously enthusiastic because I knew every single product is going to give them pleasure every time they use it.

So, thank you to Khalid for encouraging me, and telling me that he sees awesome things for my future. Matt Chanel for being Matt Chanel and letting me be Janelle Chanel. Your team obviously loves you and I can see why, you’re fearsome and inspiring. Kaitlin, for training me and familiarizing me with the Chanel way.  Wanda and the team from Macy’s Crossgates for helping me on my first freelance : THANK YOU!!! XOXOXO

Star moments and products:

Ultra Correction LIFT  Eye Cream. I applied it around a guest’s eye area, turned around to find the accompanying face cream, and nearly passed out when I saw that it had already visibly reduced her wrinkles. IN.SANE. Go and buy it.

The LIFT collection. Costs as much as gold, but does more than gold.

SOLEIL TAN de CHANEL. If you’re looking for a bronzer that isn’t orange and looks real. Look no further. One of my guests said she spray tans throughout the year, and has trouble with her foundation matching because the spray tan is in a constant ebb and flow between fresh and faded. This was the perfect solution:

Real tan.

  • KOHL pencils in two shades that will alter your ideas about the smokey eye. Use AMBRE for it’s velvet warmish reddish can’t put your finger on it dark brown. Flattering on EVERYONE. Use BLANC JADE to add an almost black aqua to your purple or greenish smokey eye. To quote Matt, it’s BEYOND.
  • OMBRES CONTRAST DUO in MISTY SOFT. This double eyeshadow compact sold out  midday. It’s a dark matte plum with a pearlescant light violet. It makes gray/green/blue eyes pop bright and dark brown eyes smolder. It goes great with a black liner and the AMBRE shade on the inner rim of your lid.
  • The new INIMITABLE INTENSE mascara. For those of you who love long thick curled up lashes. Buy it now and don’t look back. I applied it to the sparsest of lashes, and discovered full lashes in their stead.

    Lashes all over the place!

    In close, I just want to say that Chanel isn’t for the thrifty gal. If you are thrifty, and you desire a luxurious splurge because you deserve it, then CHANEL is the way to go. The products will not disappoint you. When you look at them, their packaging is beautiful. When you use them, you feel the luxury and see the luxurious results. They will also last you a long time. So whatever your usual price point, consider Chanel.


8 thoughts on “JANELLE CHANEL

  1. You didn’t know you were AMAZING until your Chanel experience? Welcome to reality – you are fabulous ; – )

    Great post – what an awesome experience. Can’t wait to hear about your next freelance gig – and if it’s a public gig, please call me and let me know so I can be there to participate!

  2. I am most certainly a man of many words… however, at this time I have very few. Janelle, you are a breath of fresh air, a radiant light, and an amazing talent. Your energy and charm brought true delight to an amazing day of insanity. Thank you for all that you give, all that you are, and to a very bright future… Chanel will welcome and anticipate your return, as our brightest new talent… xoxo

  3. Congrats….You are an amazing and fearless woman…when a door opens you go through…keep going! I would love to have a make up consult..

  4. I am so thankful to have someone so wonderful on the Chanel team! You absorbed product knowledge like a sponge and even perfected the Chanel smokey eye the first time you did it. I dont see that every day and as Matthew said you are a breath of fresh air! Cant wait to work with you again!!!

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