TRACK & SIRO’S = Fantastic People Watching

Jason and I had entertained our guests last Saturday by bringing them to the track and afterwards to Siro’s. Seth had an amazing camera with an authoritative lens, which he handed off to me (I’m guessing because it was heavy). The track people watching was fun, but more so at Siro’s.  Looking back through the pics, I find the ladies with the hats and perfectly coordinated outfits boring and overdone. I didn’t include them. Maybe that’s because I’m from here and seeing the hats off season in the shops gives it a stale depressing feel. And because it’s a gentrified performance of extravagance. So, that said, here are my pics that I found entertaining. Style choices ran the gamut from “critter pants” to VINEYARD VINES ties, to straw hats, to young peeps hanging with their sis’s and bro’s taking it all in.

Some of these gents were wearing Vineyard Vines, a company owned by a buddy of of these guys. Totally prep.

This kid was glued to the winner's circle fence. This may be one of my favorite shots.

A beautiful girl named Victoria, in Lumete sunglasses.

Outside at Siro's. The most put-together friend set, without a drop of tacky. Love the bangs on the girl at left!

Most hip award. He looks like a Miller ad.

I had to put two of him in because, as you can see, he coordinated the frames of his shades with the shade of his eyes. Fashion props!

Regretfully, just a second before I snapped this shot, he was facing me and laughing, which provided me with a perfect view of his two glimmering gold teeth. Sigh, you'll just have to imagine it.

These pants blow "critter pants" out of the water.

Making friends with Vineyard Vines tie guy.

Probably my other favorite shot. This manicure is on-crey-AH-ble! Ouch!

She will hate me for posting this, but she's one of the most beautiful people I know, so I had to! She's the one who helped me discover Shine City Revlon lipgloss!!

This ladies bring a modern edge to the whole hat-wearing track thing. No more stupid doilies with fluff. Edge it up!!

He adds grit and texture to the scene. Love it!

Stylish and practical, she avoided sunburned shoulders while evoking a bit of J-Lo meets My Fair Lady.

Mad Hatter. Angular and Fierce. All black with a splash of fuscia. Thumbs up.

Cigars were everyone. Love the matching brofits.

We've seen this lady before on LOOK a beauty blog. Casey was my first makeover, with her Kat Von D eyeshadow palette. Here she is in Lumetes.

And these, my friends, are Critter Pants.


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