Chatting Products with Clients

I love beauty products. Buying them, trying them, admiring their packaging, and discussing them. LOOK beauty blog is a good forum to share with everyone the kernels of product wisdom with which my clients illuminate me.

Jen, a client of mine who keeps me young and informed, said she had recently fallen in love with SMITH’s ROSEBUD SALVE. She had written a letter to them effusing Rosebud’s praise, in return, received quite a gift package from them containing other products of theirs. Who doesn’t love a generous company?! I visited their website, and it’s has all the charm their packaging does. Simple vintage victorian design, eliciting images of simpler times, when petroleum based products weren’t vilified and organic oils were used before organic was a concern or a marketing buzzword. I dug out a tin of the Brambleberry lip balm I had stashed in a product drawer. I applied it to my lips before going to bed and awoke having successfully warded off any partying induced chapped lips. These tins last forever and make a beautiful addition to any purse. They run around $8 depending on where you purchase them. I have found them in drugstores and in Sephora.  THANKS JEN!!

The family of Smith's Salves. Check out their awesome site at

Curious what else I have been up to? Here is a taste of things to come: WEN, a QVC curiosity being tested by yours truly. Me  pretending to be paparazzi at Sirro’s (all it takes is the biggest lens you can carry on your camera and walking around with a smile on your face), and a new line of color I’m switching over to called L’ANZA HEALING COLOR. It’s amazing and worthy of it’s own blog. See you soon!!


5 thoughts on “Chatting Products with Clients

  1. I’m Jen!!!! Thanks Janelle, this is so cool!!! Also I have chickened out I don’t think I’m going to dye my hair… but maybe sometime in the future. Thanks for my haircut too I love it!!!

    • I’m so glad you saw the post! I was willing the universe to tap you on your shoulder to read it.
      No worries about the hair, and I’m happy you love the cut!

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