Fresh Air, Fresh Hair.

My friend Barbara, the co-President of the tres chic new designer line Lumete sunglasses (, came upstate with her husband Seth to visit Jason and I this weekend just past.  We grilled, we drank, we had fun, and then, we cut some hair.  A lot of hair!

Long luxurious hair can become a burden of labor and styling time. What to do? Hmmm...

Having grown her hair for the wedding, Barbara felt it was time for a fresh change of hair.

Because we were planning on cutting off the majority of her hair, a donation was is order. I positioned her hair in three braided ponytails to be sent off for a wig making charity.

Barbara was open to any ideas I had, and because of her resemblance to Gwyneth Paltrow, I did some image researching for inspiration. Gwyn can pull of anything, and so can Barbara.

The Inspiration: a somewhat longer French Bob, modernized by some razored texture at the ends.

With this shape in mind, we took a wee bit shorter to give it more punch, and to avoid a blah medium length look.

After! Front and Back, all perfection.Does the cut look good in action? YES!!

I'm feeling a lot of pride with this pic. Even swinging her hair, the base length is perfectly edged.

Model Shot.

A girl and her stylist. Where did they get those amazing sunglasses!?

Thank you, Seth, for taking all of these awesome photos!


13 thoughts on “Fresh Air, Fresh Hair.

  1. I love your new hairdo! Quite chic! Goes great with your fantastic sunglasses. Your Dad is still in shock, but I know he thinks it is beautiful too! He wants to know if the Coors Light caused it. Ha!

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