Another Magical $3 Product For You!

The modernized version of an old enemy. A vast and informed improvement.

At the advent of puberty in 1991, along came acne. Because of that, I expanded my makeup product obsession to include facial cleansers.

I can only describe my own experience of these troubling years, but it begins with St. Ives Apricot Scrub.  I bought it at CVS hoping to SCRUB off my zits. I did it with zeal. My nose ended up with worsened rosacea around my nostrils and dry patches all over my face. And far more lovely zits. And a perm. Unrelated, but it was tragic enough to worth mentioning.

I don’t remember when I learned that this approach was the opposite to what my combo skin needed, but by mid-highschool, I had learned that PURPOSE gentle cleanser and SPF 15 moisturizer were good for my skin, price appropriate for my age. I didn’t have to wear foundation.

Fast forward to dating Jason last year and discovering his modernized version of my old enemy. St. Ives Blemish and Blackhead clearing Apricot Scrub which includes Salicylic Acid. I scoffed and avoided. But he never has a single zit. I tried it one morning. It was more corn meal than apricot shells and I fell in love with my clear and exfoliated skin. My ritual has evolved into 3-4 mornings of scrub a week, and my usual Aveda Enbrightenment cleanser in the evenings to remove makeup. Those other 3-4 mornings without the scrub? Just water. A year has gone by, and now I present you with Renew and Firm Apricot Scrub. My new fave.

Ritual? I still only use it 3-4 mornings. It’s not as scrubby in texture as the Blemish Fighting version, but it has a nice consistancy. I apply it to my face in circular motions for a minute, then leave it on my face for an additional 3-5 minutes so all the acids can do their work, and then rinse off after my hair conditioner is done sitting as well.

How much? $3-5 depending on where you get it. It cuts down on the cost of my beauty ritual, now that I don’t spend the $25 on my other cleanser as frequently. Bonus prize? St. Ives does not use parabens, nor do they test on animals. They have an informative website: Negative? They use some petroleum derivatives in the ingredients of some products. However, I think that is balanced out by the fact that the main active ingredients are all plentiful on the planet, not rarified or endangered. So try it! Put it next to your Palmer’s Coco Butter Swivel Stick in your inventory of cheap and effective products that make you happy.

Renew and Firm Apricot Scrub, my new favorite! My skin shines without being over-dried!


One thought on “Another Magical $3 Product For You!

  1. Hi Janelle….

    It sounds like a wonderful product…I too suffer from combo skin. I had bad acne while I was a teenager and still, at 47 I have to deal with it occasionally. I am always on the look out for new products for my face and neck. Currently, I am using Garnier Nutritioniste and LOVING IT!!!! It has vitamin E & grape extract – to help to detoxify, oat amino acids & green leaf extract – provides skin smoothing and soothing properties, and green jojba microbeads – exfoliates.. I love this product because it gives my face a cool smooth feeling – I use it almost everyday. I will definitely try St. Ives it sounds like a great product. Thanks for the tip.

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