The Epiphany of Hair Design: WEBSITE LAUNCH

To my beloved clients and those of a curious nature:

I’ve seen many of clients at my new home, The Epiphany of Hair Design. It is an exciting time, full of positive change, and I want to thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm. THANK YOU!

So what’s the latest?

The official website has been launched for Epiphany!

Go to It features stylist head shots and biographies….  of course I want you to check out mine!

A peak at the Epiphany

My  hours are:

Tuesday 10-5

Wednesday and Thursday  12-8

Friday 10-5

Saturday 9-2

Sunday and Monday the salon is closed.

Were you an Aveda client, and are curious about Redken?

Check out and peruse their  pages. I just attended a Redken product class, and I am very impressed with the range and specificity of their products.  There is definitely shampoo and conditioner, treatment, and styling product to launch you into hairday of catwalks. Word.

For my color clients: Redken color is making me VERY happy. The quality of color and gray coverage has been superior.

I’ve already started developing my favorite styling products, so stay tuned for a shortlist of my styling stars!


2 thoughts on “The Epiphany of Hair Design: WEBSITE LAUNCH

  1. Um, HELLO! That place looks awesome! Can’t wait for my first appointment. Uh, yeah, gotta get on that. Bangs not looking so hot. Must avoid wine and desire to cut them myself this weekend!

  2. Hi Janelle,

    The salon looks lovely….I am glad that you are feeling at home in your new work space. I am in KY….I will be calling soon for an appointment. My hair still looks great…LOVE IT!!

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