Northcountry Crowd Shots

I’ve been hesitant about posting this idea as a blog, for fear that my readership may judge me as critical. But I am merely eternally fascinated by the endless variety of self-expression that I observe around me.  My step brother graduated from Paul Smith’s College a few weeks ago. Between waiting for him to walk, and then trying to regroup the family before leaving, I entertained myself by taking some crowd shots.  It was an eclectic crowd with a lot of interesting hair and fashion choices.  I’m sharing them here and now with you…  enjoy my paparazzi moments.

Thumbs Up! Love this look.

Artsy Girl

Northcountry Couture: Dressing the Part: me in plaid, Dubarry Farm boots, contrasted with cool shades, a scarf from Italy, and black tights.

Rainbow of Colors

Raphaelite Red Hair

Another Rainbow.

Accented Chignon


3 thoughts on “Northcountry Crowd Shots

  1. Hey! we were both at this graduation!! Wasnt it a beautiful day? Im suprised you didnt pap my hotness…. 🙂 Hope all is well.

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