Spanish Blog: And there we are again!

A Spanish blog picked up the Lumete cause!  This is an awesome blog, and not just because my pic is there!  Can you read Spanish?  I can’t!


3 thoughts on “Spanish Blog: And there we are again!

  1. This summer, Lumetawill be launching its collection of luxury eyewear in hopes of raising the sunglasses as an alternative to the look and fashion. And here we present in primcia.

    The line includes five designs that each come in four different colors (my favorite is Wanderling in ‘Champagne Pearl’) and equipped lux material as “rich tones acetates, Swarovski crystals, detailed painting, and intricate engraving.

    All Lumet Eyewear Sunglasses are handmade and come with their own satin bow “Lumet treasure bag” that includes a special collar designed to hold Lumet glasses, soft box cover and a microfiber cloth for lens cleaning. Lumet glasses will be available in stores and online in July by $ 180 a pair

    As seen in the photo above, one of the models shows fine lines of silver and bronze beautiful translucent turquoise. The front shows an intricate set of geometric forms and sensual curves and is adorned with a beautiful silver plate with the icon meditating Lumet lily.

    Importantly, their frames are crafted with traditional materials and methods have been used in glasses for almost a century. The material is called Zyl acetate, also known as cellulose acetate “or just” overhead “and” zyl “(short for zylonite).

    Lumet frames are carved in rich tones blocks Zyl acetate, some of which are embedded several layers or patterns, and then polished to a beautiful sheen. The differences between the acetate sunglasses and hand-molded Zyl injection sunglasses are subtle, but just as important as the difference between real and costume jewelry.

    Zyl acetate originates from natural fibers of cotton or tree pulp, renewable resources that provide the framework for a more natural feel. We have searched through endless samples of colors and designs to find the perfect high quality acetate for each frame. Zyl acetate is easily adjustable by your optician.

    Headquartered in New York, Lumet is a trademark of independent designer glasses for women and is dedicated to creating innovative eyewear, fine quality accessories. His collection of sunglasses combines hand sculpture detail, ornamentation and symbolic ultrafemininity a leading edge.

    Lumet is designed for the cosmopolitan woman who seeks the confidence in individual pieces as a means to express their individuality

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