What Every Mommy Needs: some quick makeup and hair tips!

This week’s Mommy Makeover is special!  A few weeks ago, a client of mine and I were chatting about our own respective blogs and came up with an awesome idea to team up for a makeup and hair tutorial for busy moms.  On this post, you will see Dana “Before” and “After,” read the tips and tricks, and all the products listed.   On her post you will be able to watch the videos, which I link to below.

The Stats: To watch the video introduction: http://www.youtube.com/user/dghn2007#p/a/u/0/njyjRPjGdqk

Dana Citron is the President and CoFounder of www.whateverybabyneeds.com, one-stop-shop for all things cool and unique for baby and beyond. (It’s awesome, and great for gifts also!!) She is the mother of two young children, ages 3 and 6 months.

Challenges for Hair: No time for a lovely morning blow-dry whilst sipping coffee and listening to the radio.  Interruptions can happen at any time. Hair is  usually slicked back in a tight pony tail.

Challenges for Makeup: Little time in the morning to thoroughly primp.  Her concerns were to even her skin tone, smooth pores, to aim for luminous, and to look less tired.  Can any other moms empathize?  Yes.

Dana: The Before

The Hair Solutions: http://www.youtube.com/user/dghn2007#p/a/u/1/UKj_XRzQ0rI

  • Something to consider to save time in the a.m. is to shower and blow dry in the evening.  Use an alcohol based volumizer to reduce oil and increase the longevity of your blow-out.   Aveda Volumizing Tonic is one to consider.
  • Use baby powder if you are on day 2 or 3 of a blow dry and need to stretch it out a little longer.  It will absorb the oiliness.  Sprinkle it on and brush through.  Not too much. Avoid over-using dry shampoos.  They will cling to your scalp and cause buildup.
  • Teasing doesn’t need to stay in the 50’s. Use a comb or teasing brush to back-comb the top and crown of your head.  It will add that nice retro-chic pouf and add some volume and softness to the ponytail.  For another oil absorbing product, try Aveda’s Pure Abundance Potion. It’s a powder wax/clay combo that will make your tease immovable, and your pouf a launchpad.
  • Expand on the old stand-by ponytail: buy a box of bobby pins from Sally’s and add some interesting twists to the pony. Watch our tutorial video on youtube! (link above).

The Makeup Solutions: http://www.youtube.com/user/dghn2007#p/a/u/2/yhOahXzGvwQ

  • You absolutely need a good foundation.  Powders are messy, so a liquid, and even more preferably a cream foundation (my favorite is Teinte Innocente by CHANEL) is the fastest way to fresh skin.
  • Concealer.  A cream is best. Use it all the way from your brow and around your eye.  The cream of the concealer, or foundation, will act as a base for your  powder eyeshadow. The two will set each other, and last all day.
  • A lighter and brighter eyeshadow. Skip liner, it can be too precarious in a rush. Yellow based shadows help counter-act the tired purply blue of fatigued eyes.  Some good ones: CHANEL Lotus, AVEDA Illumination or Spark.
  • Mascara.  It will provide a frame for your eyes.
  • Cream blush.  Helps achieve luminous affect. NARS Orgasm is the best for this.  If you add NARS Deep Throat over it, it locks it in for the day.  But I may be getting too complex here.  Stick with the Orgasm.
  • Glittery and/or shiny  lip gloss.  It will brighten and illuminate your entire face, it takes no precision to apply, and you can have a wide variety stashed everywhere.  Here is a list of my faves: NARS Greek Holiday, CHANEL Galactica. Revlon Shine City.  None of these have a strong smell or taste.

    Dana AFTER! Products: L'Oreal True Match concealer, Clinique foundation, Benefit Mr. Frosty around the eyes, Chanel Lotus eyeshadow, NARS cream Orgasm blush, Chanel glossimer in Galactica, NARS volumizing mascara.

Mother & Daughter. Dana looks fresh and glowing with her new easy get-ready tips! (Her daughter is wearing organic clothing you can find on http://www.whateverybabyneeds.com)


3 thoughts on “What Every Mommy Needs: some quick makeup and hair tips!

  1. OK, I shall nevermore wear the slicked back pony tail. I have many of these products sitting in a drawer! Thanks for showing me how to use them!!!

  2. It doesn’t look like she has hardly any make-up on. Yet her before to after picture she looks so much younger and well-rested. THAT is some amazing make-up artistry!

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