Queen of Hearts: May’s first Makeover Mom Monday

Laurel is my first Makeover Monday for May, the month where Spring and everything lush and beautiful is resplendent everywhere.

Just three weeks ago, about 4.5 at press time, she gave birth to her second child, Alejandro.  She is my friend and coworker, and an amazing massage therapist.  And when you are a mom, and a professional care-giver, you better be recognized most especially on Mother’s Day. It’s also the perfect time to let your stylist have her way with you.  Thank you,  Laurel!!

This is the Camacho Tribe: Sophia, Sergio, Alejandro, Laurel, and Jester

I asked Laurel what my parameters were for me. Her response was, “I don’t want to look like a Mom.” I think I know what she means.  So I said back something like, “You don’t want to look frumpy and blah.” So between this conversation and her appointment, I went to my mental brewing pot and stirred up some ideas.  Hair color and an easy cut do wonders when there is time for nothing else.

Her equation went like this: Warm brown eyes + Fair skin + My idea of her being the Queen of Her Fam’s Hearts = Hair Color in 2 shades of Intense Red.

It’s a rocker kind of look.  Her medium brown hair carried the intense red well, while hiding her few grays.  I “Enlightened” with a few foils on the crown of her head, then deposited a lighter intense red.  The effect here is dimensional, not flat. I then cut some light layers around the crown, while keeping her base hair length long and thick.  I left her bangs longer and heavier, because she is growing them out.  Fringe is in, but I also blended them a little with the face frame of her cut.

You can see here the different range of reds achieved in her color.

Finished cut!

As for the makeup, I went simple and minimal, letting her hair be the show case.

The makeup I used is as follows:

Laura Mercier concealer

NARS Volumising Mascara

Kat Cosmetics Espresso eyeliner pencil

NARS Deep Throat Blush

NARS lipgloss in Tempest

The Complete AFTER shot of Laurel: Hot!

Next week LOOK will feature Dana Citron, president of http://www.WhatEveryBabyNeeds.com/, a spectacular resource for mothers and their little ones!

Our blogs will be joining forces to bring you a YouTube instructional video on how to achieve, in under 10 minutes, a cute spin on the classic ponytail and makeup to wakeup your face.

This will post on Mother’s Day!

Until then, be real!


7 thoughts on “Queen of Hearts: May’s first Makeover Mom Monday

  1. Laurel looks AMAZING and her family is so sweet. Janelle – your work is beautiful, feeling like it’s time for a reinvention myself! Best of luck to you in the new location. Happy Mother’s Days to all women, we are a mom to someone or another right?

  2. Janelle,

    I love your makeovers! Any way you can make me look like Christina Hendricks? Well at least my hair… 🙂

    Anne Mullins

    • I just google searched her… she’s amazing. Red hair? We’d have to discuss. Come in for a cut at the Epiphany so I can assess the situation!!

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