Client Alert: My last day is May 15, My first day is May 19th.


It’s time for a change!  I’ll be moving on to a new salon called The Epiphany of Hair Design in Ballston Spa, NY.  I’ve been doing hair at Classical Concepts for five years.  The same week I graduated from the Orlo Beauty School, Classical opened its doors at their new and present location in Saratoga Springs.  I started as an assistant and worked hard to become a very booked Senior Stylist.  For awhile I’ve been dreaming of more, which led  me to creating this blog, and taking on the freelancing gigs on the side.  I have also been dreaming of opening my own salon, and this is the first step in realizing that dream.

I will miss all of my Classical family members, and am looking forward to all the new things I will be learning.

I hope to see you all on the other side of my new journey: The Epiphany of Hair Design: 885-8851.

Print this coupon below and bring it in to your first appointment!!!


3 thoughts on “Client Alert: My last day is May 15, My first day is May 19th.

  1. This is awesome! I can’t tell you how many great stylists I have lost track of over the years when they move and their old location won’t tell you where they went. I get the reason behind that, but I always lost out in the end and had to go through many cuts I didn’t like to find one I did again. Glad I subscribe to your blog!

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