Halie: From Pretty to Pink

Or really, Dusty Rose.

Halie is Classical Concepts amazing new Talent, and today (Monday) she came in for some hair doin’ by Moi, your LOOK beauty blogger.

Occassion: Prom Date.

Complexion: Fair with cooler pink undertones.  We discussed this, me being a fair-skinned girl as well: You have to go dark or light, there is no in-between.

Dress Color: Pink.

Starting Hair Color: medium brown

Here is Halie’s Hair BEFORE:  Still super cute, but time for a change:

Ending Hair Colors: a dark Red Violet with a “Dusty Rose” riot in the front fringe .

Cut: a classic graduated bob, leaving the bangs thicker so as to display her pink accent.

Step 1: Level 3 red/Violet with a triangle of fringe isolated by foils. After applying whole head color, apply bleach 30 volume to the triangle.

The Isolation: Bermuda Triangle of Enlightener 30. Feel the Burn.

After the triangle was done lifting, I washed the dark hair color first, with cool water to seal the cuticle. Then I rinsed the bleached section, also with cool water, so as to avoid any color grabbing onto the blonde. I then carefully applied the Dusty Rose formula of Aveda's Full Spectrum Deep. (12 rr/rv 20 vol). Process for 15 mins.

Super Cute! After cut and blow dry, Halie is ready to rock out in Boston. Or anywhere!

From the right

From the Left. Totes amaze.


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