So Famous sends me emails, as I am sure many of you receive as well.  Their recent email included a 15% of coupon on my next order.  I had been lusting for a new NARS limited edition package called So Famous. It includes 3 items: a mini Orgasm cream blush, Bettina velvet matte lip pencil, which is a lipstick that goes on like a dusty rose color, Deep Throat powder blush, which is a lighter pinker sparkly shade of powder blush. I also bought Larger than Life Volumizing Mascara, also by NARS.  AND, I also bought a lipgloss called Tempest. My verdict is I LOVE THEM ALL.

Since I colored (or rather bleached, highlighted, toned, lowlighted, all craziness to get me to a perfect Victoria’s Secret beigey blonde/brown), I’ve noticed that my usual pale skin, dark eye looks rather…. let’s say Whore-ish.  My dark hair offered it validity and mystery.  The lighter hair and dark eyes makes me feel cheap.  I digress.  PINK colors have offered me a softer look, and my eyes look smokey now with a mid-tone dusty neutral with brown liner.  And that is why I invested in all this pink glam from NARS.  The cream blush look 100% more natural and genuinely flushed as part of my skin… I may even like it more than its powder sister. Deep Throat is a little lighter, and layers perfectly with the Orgasm (go figure considering their names).  as far as the lipstick and lipgloss, I like those shades, but I love my NARS Greek Holiday the best.  it’s got the perfect sheen and sparkle.

As far as the Volumizing mascara, I’d go so far as to say that it is my new fave. It layers and seperates perfectly without clumps, and does not smudge.  However, it stays on like a waterproof and I think I’ve built up about 3 days of it on my lashes.  Makeup remover required, fo sho.

The new InStyle magazine features one of my blonde favorites, Scarlet. Her makeup perfectly illustrates the soft smokey eye that can be achieved with a mid-tone mauvey neutral. Aura by Aveda is a good shade.

A trio of winning products: Deep Throat powder blush, Orgasm cream blush, and


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