West Coast of Ireland, near Ballyvaughn. Ephemeral land/water art by yours truly, a la Andy Goldsworthy.

I have said many times that having a muse is important.  Your muse inspires you to think of new ways to approach your look, but can also provide validation in what you may have already endeavored.

I have a BFA, and have also earned some graduate credits towards an MFA.  I’ve shown in cafes, galleries, art centers, and at a small and magical art college in Ireland.  Being an artist is integral to who I am and how I’ve evolved. But here I am in 2010, and I can’t truthfully say I’ve finished more than 1 awesome drawing in the past year.  My clients who have known me for a few years ask me, “Do you have any shows coming up?’ Or even, “So you’ve stopped creating original artwork?”  My defensiveness is peaked, and I say, “No. I’m concentrating on my career. In hair and makeup.”  This response doesn’t do what I’m feeling justice.  And, I can’t really talk about the nuances of creativity in the 20 minutes it takes me to cut hair before the blow drier gets turned on and neither of us can truly hear anything.

However, I still feel that same satisfied feeling I get when I churn out some awesome fine art.  Why am I feeling that?  Because when I get special projects like the Lumete sunglasses gig, or when I create a Makeover Monday, I am creating something from ideas.  I take the raw materials, my friend/client, makeup, hair tools and products, and I am creating a finished piece.  It can be like collaborative art, as there is a conversation that takes place between the two of us.  I’ve said before that I don’t want to compartmentalize my passions anymore.  I want to live in the full river of ideas that I care about…  and create one awesome long life of beauty and art.

And this is why, when InStyle magazine quoted my Muse, Gwen Stefani saying, “Everything I do comes from the same creative place. Whether it’s what I wear, something I write, how I perform – it’s all about making things up,” I feel validated.

So when will I have my next show?  In July, at Starbucks in Saratoga Springs.  Who knows what I’ll do!

A performance piece in the Tower at Burren College of Art. I braided their hair together to symbolize something about strength in unity. And it was visually very awesome, and a challenge to make it all weave together.

Finished hair art shot from balcony. Waiting for me to release them....

Shot from below.

Shot from the balcony above... so beautiful!


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