TokiDoki means Sometimes in Japanese.

TokiDoki is a line of makeup by an Italian man.

It’s look is total cute Japanime, like Gwen’s Harajuku, with Italian words blurbed into product names.

To me, this equals total perfection.

If I had my own line of makeup, it would involve French words, cartoon/animated somethings, and total coolness.  Like Tokidoki and Harajuku Lovers made love with a french Audrey Hepburn and made babies called LOOK: CocoLemon by Janelle.

Here’s the Link to Sephora:

Someone has to buy something from this line and tell me all about it. I just dropped too much on to justify an investigative impulse purchase.  Who’s volunteering?!!!!

Bright purple mascara, Yeah! Also comes in green and other shades. Hollah!


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