ConAir, Me, and VAPOR

My bf Jason is a networking phenom.  Last Saturday, while working at Circus Café, he struck up some conversation with a trio of interesting looking people from Elsewhere.  Turns out, these stylish people were hair stylists working for Conair as Platform Artists.  One career path a licensed cosmetologist can choose is just this.  They work for major brands doing shows that feature new styles, cuts, tools that the company is promoting.  It’s a lot of fun to go to these shows, as you can get sweet tools for less, and learn some flashy new tricks to impress you clients.  So, these cool peeps asked Jason if he knew any cute girls to be hair models, and oh yeah, does he know any makeup artists available on Monday.  Why, yes!!!  So Jason gave them the website so they could see my work, while informing them in his deep radio voice, “She can also be available for gigs in a 3 hr distance from here.  She does commercial work, weddings, and shows like this….” Or something like that.  😉

So I got the gig, and the Conair people were wonderful to me!  The models were fun girls to work with and I enjoyed the experience greatly.  I didn’t get to see the Farouk crowd’s performance, but I’m sure it was fun.  It was a Michael Jackson tribute. It felt like it was going to be more performance art than a “How-to.”

My Conair paycheck will be an earmark in my career. I’ll admit I was nervous, since I had no prep time.  But with a little cheerleading from Jason, and no time to hmm & haw, I did it. You just ever know what leads to other things: my Lumete gig scored me the Conair gig, and so on and so forth into the future!  So subscribe to my blog to keep track!

Here are some random peeks into the Monday hair show at Vapor. Enjoy!

Hair model: before the stage performance haircut, makeup done by me!

Cute bangs and shaggy cut! Lots of spray and flat ironing!

Jim Roberts on stage doing hair for Conair/Rusk/Babyliss

Our four lovely models! Good job girls!


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