A Post on Product for my Gents

For dudes with cool cuts that need some textural hold.

Gentleman, and ladies with gentleman in their lives, this is Sumotech. This product will put you out about $27, but it’s worth the investment.  My boyfriend swore by this product but lamented the price, and therefore settled on cheap $2 stuff from Wall-Mart (the bargains! – southpark reference) which led him down a path of dubious quality.  A product that works is always worth the investment.  So I asked Jason, “What is so good about Sumotech?” Says Jason, “Sumotech provides hold, while allowing it to be flexible throughout the day to move it. It doesn’t look like anything is in it, and it doesn’t feel stiff like gel.  And it has a pleasant mild odor, in my opinion.” I am Jason’s hairstylist, and the cut he rocks is heavily razored, so a product that works with that piecey look is essential.  I bought him the Sumotech for a stocking stuffer, and just now in April is he thinking about restocking.  To put it in mathematical perspective, a person would be spending $6.75 on styling their hair a month if they bought this product, using it exclusively every day.  The instructions say to use a dime sized amount (or 2)… I think he uses half that. Too much would look dirty.  It’s worth the investment to get the look you want!  Overcome the sticker shock and think about how much you spend every week on coffee!!!!  Ka-ching!


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