From Dark to Light

Sorry to make everyone wait!  After being a level 3, which is almost black, I decided to sit in my stylist Katie’s chair and ask to go lighter.

It’s always a situation where the results are unpredictable, but always seems to take at least 4 hours.  I had 1/2″ of regrowth (roots), and Aveda Deep running through the rest.  This is how it went down:  Day 1: two hours to work with: 20 volume bleach all throughout, but not on roots.  We let it cook room temp for maybe 1/2 hour, then roasted under drier for 15 on high.  After that, my hair was a brilliant copper orange and red.  To the clients around me, it looked like a nightmare, but to the professionals, it’s where we wanted to be.  Orange red is the underlying pigment for a level six light brown/dark blonde.  On my roots, Katie did a Deep 9bgr 20 vol, and through the rest she put on 9bgr 30 to kick the level up just a bit more.  This brought brought me to a coppery brown all over, with slightly lighter roots.  The next chance she got, Katie worked her foiling magic with some more bleach, weaving fine highlights throughout in order to break up any inconsistency of tone throughout the hairshaft.  She then toned with 8 vb bb, which grabbed fast because hell, I’ve been bleached out and colored and highlighted.

The beautiful results you see below.  It’s fun to see people’s reaction.  I’ve had a male friend check me out on the street, and THEN realize it was me, and other mistaken identities confusing me with women of similar stature and hair.  Since the new color brings out different aspects of my skin and clothing color choices, I’ve noticed that black doesn’t seem so goth on me, and fuscia shirts look awesome.  Also, pink blush and pink lipgloss pop in new and wonderful ways!  So thanks Katie, for all your hard work on my hair!!!

Me, thinking about shoes in relation to my new do.

You can see how the highlights added dimension and popped the color up!

This is an important note:  I’ll be using Aveda’s Damage Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner.  I have been using it, and my hair feels like the day it was born.  So, if your stylist recommends it after 4 hours of abusing your hair, make the purchase!!


8 thoughts on “From Dark to Light

  1. WOW! ….. This color really looks great with your skin…. I especially love the first photo with the pinky dewey makup and bright eyes. ….. lovely.

  2. Ummm wow. Seriously. Amazing I love it. The new style has a little K Stew quality to it, no? Maybe you just look like her in the first pic…. I love it regardless.

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