Pinch My Cheeks

I remember running up the stairs to my sister’s dorm room in college and she answered the door to find me not just out of breath, but with pink cheeks and fresh skin.  She commented on it, and I’m pretty sure I assigned my healthy countenance to blush.  It was the stairs and the makeup working together on that occasion.  But this brings up a good point about our friend Blush. Blush alone can brighten a person’s complexion.  It enhances as opposed to covers. In the book Little Women, the sisters pinched their cheeks to give the effect of blushing.  During that same Victorian era, they would enhance the translucency of the skin by painting light blue over their veins. So delicate. That in turn reminded me of Michelangelo’s Pietà.  Carved out of marble, Michelangelo would use the darker gray veins of marble to echo the veins in Mary and Jesus.  It brought the sculpture to life.

For this Spring season, as the sun comes out, impart some health to your countenance.  Go to the gym on a rainy overcast day. If it’s sunny,  run outside in the park or any trail… cutting through the pine trees and smelling fresh air.  Take deep breaths and get your blood flowing through you veins!  If you are on your way to the office, a little faux blushing is in order.  My favorite is NARS Super Orgasm.  But anything with a brighter pink apricot will due.  People will subconsciously notice it, and will pay more attention.  And you’ll feel better too.  Another tip: bring your workout clothing  to work, change there when the workday is over, and immediately head to the gym.  Have fun!

My favorite blush, NARS Superorgasm... imparts the perfect healthy glow.

Go outside and run around! Health is the best cosmetic!

Now that I have you blushing by cosmetic or athletic means, stay tuned for the sequel to my post SPRING GOES LIGHTER.  You  my be familiar with my former almost black hair.  I am now a soft gingery blonde.  Anyone familiar with this process knows the effort it takes.  So, check back for full deets on this adventure!


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