ELLEN: Makeover Monday #2

Makeover Monday #2: ELLEN

Today marks our second Makeover Monday.  I was perusing my FB homepage, and I saw that my QHS and PSU friend and alumnus was tempted to cut her own hair. And it had been 10 years since her last cut.  It had also been about 10 years since I last saw her.  Et VOILA, so here we are.

The Interview portion went something like this:

NAME: I share my married name with the prophetess of the 7th day Adventists and EB White, the author of Charlotte’s Web.  Between the two that pretty much sums me up!

HER MUSES:  At the moment, Joanna Newsom’s music and style, nature, words and pictures~
THOUGHTS ON BEAUTY: I like the aberrations and the unique choices people make…. It’s like they’re out in the world, and they find a little piece of something that they recognize themselves in, and I love recognizing that in the day to day.

UNIFORM: sadly no, I kinda wish I did. I’m attracted to color, anything reflecting the natural world, and other than that, obnoxious patterns. I used to have this thing where I’d purposefully pick out ugly things because I thought it was interesting… actually I really wish I had a uniform, which is strange because I was a Catholic School girl… maybe I should go back to a more innocent time, I dunno. ( I loved this chain of thought.  XO!)

Ellen fielded a question that I hear a lot as a hairdresser.  ‘If I want long hair, how often should I trim it?’ It also goes under the same category as these questions, ‘If I am growing my hair long, when should my next cut be?’ and ‘Does hair grow faster if  I cut it?’.

The answers: You should trim your long hair every 3 months. If you are going from shorter to longer, come back in 3 months. Hair does not grow faster or slower depending on trims… what trims do do, however, is prevent splitting and breaking, which after awhile of growth vs. splitting/breaking, you start to net a slower growth rate because you are losing it from the ends. If you want your hair to grow faster, I have  a theory that if you eat well with  omegas, take a multi-vitamin, biotin, and exercise, the nutrients and improved circulation nourishes your follicles… like watering and fertilizing a plant and seeing it flourish.  If you don’t nourish, leave it out in the sun, etc,  your hair will be like a brittle unhappy plant. There, but just barely. So, trim and take care of yourself!  I went on a tangent, but it’s true.

Back to the fun:  For Ellen, I always remembered her with her long beautiful Rapunzel hair, sparkles on her face, and drawing beautiful goddesses and reading Greek myths.  It’s interesting to meet up with someone via FB, and then “in the flesh” as she said.  It’s the same person, but evolved, and happily happy with loads of good stories to tell.  Her inspirations remain true and constant: Nature and myth are her thing, so far be it from me to get Delilah on her locks.  I merely took off about 8 inches and gave her some glorious Venus in the Half Shell curls, a little concealer around the eyes, some blush and of course, some sparkly eyeshadow with a light brown sparkly eyeliner, and a little pink lipgloss. Nothing garish or overdone, but Goddess.



AFTER!! -8"

+ curls

= Goddess!

Group Shot!! Going outside for vino...

I know this is a little blurry, it was night with no flash, but I couldn't resist posting this photo. Ellen's makeup is sparkling, her hair is fantastic, and her wine and nail polish are perfect together!


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