A Perfect Spiral

Remember DaVinci Code?  Remember the Ideal Mean, the Golden Median, and the Fibonacci Sequence?  Right.  I found it on Gwen’s head.  I want to know who her stylist was for this.  It is absolute mathematical and artistic perfection.

Put some Fibonacci on there!

It's indisputable! Her hair is mathematically perfect!


3 thoughts on “A Perfect Spiral

  1. In design, the golden spiral is one of the most important elements for layout. It can set everything from typographic hierarchy (using the sequence to set your headline point sizes on down the chain to paragraph text), as well as grids. It’s also what defines paper size standards, both US and European. This is a great example of what it can do with hair! Love it!

    • Thanks DAVE for the awesomeness of your comment! I didn’t know those things!! Isn’t the A4 European paper size different? Doesn’t mean it isn’t golden though!

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