Guerlain Le 2 Mascara Review

Last week I debated whether or not to purchase a new mascara ($36) by the French cosmetics company, Guerlain.  It promised curly and voluminous lashes by way of an innovative polymer ingredient.  I’m a connoisseur, so I did.  I hate it. Let me tell you all about it!

Here are some crucial excerpts from Sephora’s product description which enticed me:

Le 2 de Guerlain Volumizing Mascara
What it is:
An innovative, two-brush mascara that contains polymers instead of traditional waxes for a dramatic, intense result.

Okay, here we have an absolute fabrication. Allow me to list the exact traditional waxes that it claims to replace with POLYMERS: paraffin, beeswax, carnauba wax, and candelilla wax. I’ll also mention Acacia Senegal Gum, which is also a popular mascara ingredient.  There is listed a VP/eicosene copolymer.  Sounds fancy and a little threatening. My sleuthing discovered that this innovative polymer is not innovative.  It’s contained in the following mascaras which all fall in a lower price bracket: L’Oreal, Jane, Rimmel, Spinlash, Boots, Tarte, Maybelline, and Urban Decay.  My source was The site contains a goldmine of ingredient information, which is valuable to us all because it rates the toxicity or danger level of each ingredient, and then lists the products that they can be found in.

What the hell is a POLYMER anyway? A polymer is a large molecule (macromolecule) composed of repeating structural units typically connected by covalent chemical bonds. While polymer in popular usage suggests plastic, the term actually refers to a large class of natural and synthetic materials with a wide variety of properties.  (wikipedia).

More claims by Guerlain on Sephora…
What it does:
Outrageous volume, dramatic curl! Le 2 de Guerlain Volumizing Mascara, the most innovative two-brush mascara on the market, has two polymers that replace traditional waxes for a dramatic, intense result. The first polymer has spherical balls which wrap lashes for amazing volume and the second polymer allows for maximum coverage without smudging or clumping. In addition, the exclusive main brush has hollow fibers for a multi-dimensional volume effect and the second foam-tipped wand acts as a “Lash Gloss”, coating lashes in rich color and creating captivatingly curled lashes.

I’ll walk us through my morning mascara ritual to see it in effect:

My eye before any makeup.

My eye with brown shadow and eyeliner, WITHOUT mascara.

1st layer of Mascara. The part that claims to build volume and curl. I see none of that.

Part 2, the weird gloss that darkens and shines, and clumps the lashes together. Not a fan. And messy.

Side view. I see flakes, clumping, no real curling (and I even used an eyelash curler). I'll return this for my $36 bucks back.

I find that the claims of this mascara made for a winning marketing scheme. Any mascara will darken and lengthen the minute you put it on.  It did that.  If it’s innovative and fancy sounding, well packaged, and priced high enough people will think that it has to be miraculous.  This is not a miraculous mascara.  Some mascaras work perfectly for some, not so well for others, and most of us will go down for the count defending our fav’s superiority.  However, no one should buy this one.  It over-promises and is over-priced.  Moral of the story:  go back to your own favorite, and relish that you did not spend $36 on it.  Hypnose DRAMA, take me back!!


4 thoughts on “Guerlain Le 2 Mascara Review

  1. What a let down.
    I’d love for you to review the new mascara that has a little ball on the end instead of a stick/wand.
    Its some drug store brand, I’m tempted to buy it.

    • I’ve tried it! It’s good to get into the inner corners, and do the bottom lashes without too much wand/skin action. Doesn’t smudge. Worth the try! It just seemed like a lot of work for the top lashes.

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