Spring Goes Lighter

Every girl, no matter how successful the look she rocks, (every boy too), gets bored, and wants a new do. ESPECIALLY when Spring is upon us, and you’ve been working out like a good girl since New YEar’s Eve, and no matter how pale your complexion, you want to be blonder. It’s as if lighter strands will lighten your sense of being. Or at least, that’s how I feel about myself right now. I want to go lighter, and as always, I consult my Muses for inspiration. Which do you like best?

Gwen Stefani rocks her Italian roots and complexion with blonde hair. I want it!

Here we have our SJP, with her hubs, and rocking a lighter brown hair with blonde hidden highlights beneath. Thoughts?

SJP again, with darker beigey highlights, still with light brown visible throughout.


6 thoughts on “Spring Goes Lighter

  1. While SJP is forever amazing I’m going with Gwen on this one.
    The darker skin you never see on her! Dark eyes, dark liner especially gorg with the blond.

  2. I feel like you would look similar to Jenny Mccarthy with blonde hair..and im soley basing that on the fact that Amanda Peet with blonde hair looks like JM.. and you look like Amanda Peet. If you are thinking safe….id go with the SJP look (which reminds me of the honey look that Jennifer Anniston usually works) However, i think the Gwen blond would be compeltely amazing.

    • Good advice… Since blonde from dark brown takes a lot of time, I’ll start with the honey and work from there. Also, I would love to look like JM! Thanks Janner!

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