OutTakes from Makeover Monday


After much help from my bf, the blog was finally posted yesterday. A day later than intended due to technical difficulties.  As I blog more, I’ll learn the intricacies of WordPress, and such things will happen less and less. So thank you all for your patience.

I’ve selected some fun extras from Monday’s makeover extravaganza.

Best margaritas ever! Thanks Jason!

CHANEL Inimitable Mascara. Sponsorship, please?

Painting mishap.... oh my!

Disco Chez Moi!

Very coy... I'm feeling like this could be a perfume ad.

Casey and I love this shot of her... but who's the gremlin in the background. Ew.

I love the mirror shots.

Now that I’ve started Makeover Monday, you may be wondering who is next?  In two Mondays, I will post a new makeover.  What does a trim look like after almost 10 years of growth?  We shall see…


3 thoughts on “OutTakes from Makeover Monday

  1. You are hilarious! I love the the outtakes… and the cameo by Jason. I’ll have to try one of his margaritas, you know what a fan I am of that particular cocktail. 🙂

    P.S. You are NOT a gremlin… I wish I looked that good without makeup

    • I am not used to seeing myself without makeup. Even just mascara. It’s like my head is a fleshy blob. But thank you! I’ll have Jason make us margaritas when it’s your turn!!

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