Makeover Monday: Casey’s Smokey Eye

We’ve all been there.  Sephora, department store makeup counters, or online browsing.  Something catches your eye, let’s say, a beautifully packaged eyeshadow palette of 8 shades.  Each shade is named to evoke every single aspect of you inner glamour-puss.  You buy it.  It either arrives in 3-5 business days, or you take it home and let the shopping bag sit there for a few minutes.  You might be struggling with a little buyer’s remorse… or your lack of buyer’s remorse.  You start the ritual of unpackaging the item.  Tissue paper on the floor. Shiny box in hands. Clean bright high quality plastic case decorated with brand’s logo and look. Looks like you incarnate in intelligent marketing design. Snap it open. 8 sparkling shades of Kat Von D’s Ture Romance Eye Shadow Palette in Metal Orchestra.  First Class, Techno, Thrasher, Dagger, Lucifer, Glock, Razor Gray, Slayer.  Click it shut.  Enjoy that sound. Snap it open. Yeah! There it is!

The Packaging!

Opening the Package!

Kat Von D

And More!


She's got it! The beautiful True Romance.

Now what do you do?

You bring it to Janelle’s house for Makeover Monday!  Thanks Casey!!!  We’ve definitely all bought some makeup and wanted to put it all on, all over, and then it looks like Tommy Lee got all over your Pamela self.  This debuts a new segment for the blog. Yes, Makeover Monday will appear one Monday every month with a new subject to tackle.  A little how-to, and a lot of fun.

This is Casey before the Smokey Eye. Her muses are Athena Barbie (Greek Goddess of War), K Stew, and Keira Knightley.

Here we are going to use two of Kat Von D’s Metal Orchestra shades in First Class and Dagger to create a bedroom smokey eye.

Other Ingredients:

MAC concealer, Chanel Inimitable Mascara, Eyebrow filler, NARS Greek Holiday gloss over Revlon Matte Nude Lipstick.

Directions as Illustrated

Apply concealer underneath eye and from brow to lid.

To frame the eye area, fill in brows with a powder and brush or pencil.

Next, apply black eyeliner to the lower inner rim of your eyelid. Then, apply a thicker line on your top lid, close to your lashes. Be sure to line the inside of the inner corner. Also, connect the outer corners with a cat-eye shaped triangle. Don't worry about perfection. The shadows will smudge everything into smokey-ness.

There are just two shadows involved here. The light, and the dark. Apply the light from the brow down to the lid. Extend onto the temple for more drama, and dab onto the top of your cheekbones for a highlite. Now load your brush with the dark shade. Stroke over the liner on the top lid. Blend up past the crease, and outwards. Dab your brush once again into the shadow to apply onto the bottom lid. Blend around the eye into a complete oval.

Mascara is the final step for any eye look. Chanel Inimitable, thank you very much, Matt Chanel.

Casey!! The nude glossy lips emphasize the dark eyes. Revlon matte nude lipstick with NARS Greek Holiday gloss over that. Her hair was curled with a 1/2" iron. Aveda Pure Abundance Potion was tousled in, and all was hair sprayed away from her face.


7 thoughts on “Makeover Monday: Casey’s Smokey Eye

  1. Love it! Casey you look great! It’s good to see the instructions and pics together, but I am not getting the complete sentence under the last pic. The whole right side is cut off. There may be more to the picture too. Just so you know…

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