Knight in Shining Armor

I went to see Alice in Wonderland on Tuesday, and it met every one of my hair, makeup, and costume expectations.  What expectation it exceeded was the message.  Alice had just escaped an awkward marriage proposal when she tumbled back down the rabbit hole.  There, she re-met all the characters from her last fall.  Both worlds’ characters kept insisting on who Alice was, or who she should be, needling her to the point of exasperation to declare, “I’m Alice, and I make my own path!”  She also turned out to be the White Queen’s Champion. This made me ecstatic.  Alice may not know herself, but she becomes herself on her own terms.  Just because you or I used to be one way, does not mean that we have to be eternally molded there. We can evolve. You can choose a new path.

Which leads me to today’s impulse purchase. I bought my first Cosmo magazine.  Lady Gaga was on the cover, and she was giving love advice.  What would she have to say?  $4.29 later, this is what I was proud to read, “If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career won’t wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.”  Which in turn reminds me of my mother’s advice, which is something like, ALWAYS be financially independent and know that you can always count on yourself.

Be your own Knight in Shining Armor. Confident and glamorous.


2 thoughts on “Knight in Shining Armor

  1. Are you tired of all my comments? I need to go see Alice in Wonderland, clearly.

    And as far as the Gaga goes, right on sister. We don’t have to be bra burning lesbians swaying back and forth at Lillith Faire in order to be independent women. I believe Chaka Kahn said it best.. I’m every woman, its all in meeeeee…

    • I’ll never grow tired of your comments. EVER! You need your own show, and I have said this before. What’s more hilarious is I never knew that’s the 2nd part of what Chaka sang.

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