Which Mask do you like better?

A) Audrey Hepburn

B) Lady Gaga


6 thoughts on “Which Mask do you like better?

  1. I have to say both celebrities are fabulously fashionable but, I love GaGa and can’t help but, give her the Mask Crown. She is a woman who isn’t afraid to take risks even if its a fashion one.

    • Well said, Shann. She’s had a lot of masks, this one isn’t my favorite. I like the full on red lace one from the grammy’s… the one with the red crown!

  2. Audrey… for sure… much more wearable and delicate. Gaga reminds me of a treat bag, like when it was someone’s birthday at school and they would make little celophane bags of treats and tie them up and hand them out to everyone.

    I suddenly want candy.

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