Results of Yesterday’s Morning Makeover Challenge

Goodmorning everyone,

Yesterday my challenge was to get ready for work in 45 minutes using the Alice in Wonderland Urban Decay palette, inspired by the movie.  I am making myself vulnerable to you all by posting my before photo.  What makeover is fun without the Before shot anyway?  I loved the curls that Anne Hathaway and Mia (Alice) sported, so I curled my hair by wrapping section around a 1″ curling iron.  I used my Chanel Teinte Innocente foundation, torquoise eye pencil with shades Alice & White Rabbit for eyeshadow, Chanel Inimitable Mascara, Benefit Sugarbomb blush, NARS Greek Holiday gloss on lips, and a brow pencil.



The movie shot.

NOTE:  I ended accomplishing the task in 30 minutes.  15 minutes to spare for more coffee.


6 thoughts on “Results of Yesterday’s Morning Makeover Challenge

  1. You are so brave to post a before pic. I definitely do NOT have the self confidence to do such a thing. But, I do not look nearly as good as you do sans makeup. Your after look is truly inspirational, as always, my good neighbor. Carry on with your ever-creative ways to inspire us all 🙂

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