Hoboken was Smoken: Photoshoot!

Have you heard of Lumete (said loom-ette) sunglasses?  Now you have.  I returned on Wednesday night from NYC, where I did hair and makeup for a look book shoot for Lumete sunglasses.  If you are a girl/gal/woman who loves to accessorize with sunglasses that are big, artful, vintage, and glamorous, then these will be on your wishlist.  They will come with a butterfly shaped hard case, a shammy, a necklace upon which to dangle your frames while not in use, and a slipcase to cover it all.  A gem of a purchase, but you’ll have to wait with baited breath because they are not yet ready for the public!  Can you not stand it?!

I was psyched to help with the shoot. It was good to flex my creative muscles and get out from behind the salon chair.  Below is a little sneak peek behind the scenes… you can’t see any of the pieces yet, but soon you will on their webpage.  I’ll let you all know when that is up. The site will launch about mid March and will be available to purchase online and in stores in June: www.lumete.com

Look closely, you may even recognize some of the models!

And a big thank you to Liz, who opened her gorgeous condo in Hoboken to accomodate the shoot and entourage! And for exposing me to RUSK W8LESS hairspray!

And now for some action shots and BEFORE & AFTERS:

Our model Callan, ready for hair and makeup!

The condo the photoshoot was in had amazing light and space to work in.

Just realized I don’t have a before for her… sorry!

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